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Are Miniature Poodles Cuddly?

Small, red, miniature poodle standing in grass outdoors

Whenever you think of a miniature or toy poodle, a cuddly and affectionate lapdog is what comes in your mind. And it is rightly so because poodles have been kept in many societies around the world by individuals as docile companion animals with no working function other than companionship. Won’t you also love to snuggle on the couch with your furry pal? Keep reading to know whether miniature poodles are cuddly or not.

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Are Miniature Poodles More Cuddly Than Standard Poodles?

As a general observation, miniature poodles are considered to be cuddlier than standard poodles. It is correct to some extent because, if you reflect upon the history of both poodle types you can find compliance with this observation.

Black standard poodle outdoors in grass with flower garden in the background

Standard Poodles – Standard Poodles were first bred in Europe, in the 17th century. They were originally developed for hunting and water retrieving purposes. These dogs proved to be great helpers for owners in catching wild games on land and in water. They were also known to make firm bonds with their owners and become great companions.

Red miniature poodle standing on a large rock

Miniature Poodles – Miniature Poodles have a long history (since the 18th century) of being kept by French nobles as a symbol of royalty. They would keep their pups alongside in their palaces and even while going out on public gatherings. This depicts the primary function of mini poodles, which was to serve as companion dogs.

The variation in the purpose of development doesn’t draw a solid line between the cuddling instincts of both Poodles. Despite being working dogs, standard Poodles can give and receive plenty of cuddles, just like Mini ones.

Why is My Miniature Poodle Not Cuddling?

Close up portrait of a miniature poodle puppy

If your poodle is not cuddling as you would love, then here are some possible reasons why he is doing so.

Your Dog is Not Used to Physical Touch

The way you raised your poodle has a great effect on his/her behavior. If you haven’t sensitized your dog with your physical contact when he was young, he might become itchy when you try to cuddle him/her.

This problem aggravates if you have adopted a rescue dog. This is because they have been subjected to physical torment at the hands of their former bosses. Hence, they deem touching as punishment and it can be very hard to cuddle these dogs.

Your Poodle Likes to Cuddle at Will

Brown poodle puppy laying in persons arm

Some dogs become independent and stubborn as they grow up. They start deeming themselves as alpha of their pack. In such cases, your miniature poodle might like cuddling, but only when he/she desires. These canines try to test the authority of their owners by imposing their will on them.

Lack of Understanding

Age plays important role in shaping your pup’s response to affection and cuddles. Puppies are generally too hyper, and they don’t have a sense of what cuddle is and how they should react. Most puppies will try to escape from cuddles deeming it as a chase game that they must win! Seniors are often calmer and more sensible, but you still can’t predict their behavior. Some poodles become cuddlier as they grow up while others may become even shyer.

Your Poodle is Less Cuddly by Nature

Poodle puppy sitting in human's lap with its head resting on a nearby table

Some Poodles don’t have a cuddly instinct at all. This means that cuddling is not a part of their temperament and personality. If that’s the case, owners should understand that it’s normal and must find other ways to express their love.

How to Make Miniature Poodles Cuddlier?

Many owners want to know whether they can make their pup cuddlier and if yes then how? You can’t force your poodle to be cuddlier, but there are some methods to make your pup feel more positive about cuddling. Let’s discuss a couple of them.

Respect Your Poodle’s Choice

Tiny poodle under a couch with a person trying to lure it out with treats

If your pup is shying away whenever you try to cuddle, you should stop doing that. Repeated efforts will do nothing but create a bad picture of cuddling in his/her mind. You just need to step back and wait until he/she is willing to cuddle.

Meanwhile, you should keep showing your love by calling his name in the sweetest of ways and avoid much physical intimation. It will not only improve his feelings about cuddling, but it may even strengthen your bond.

Be Patient and Make Gradual Progress

It is always a better approach to take things slowly whenever you are training your pup. You can start from nimble physical contact like petting, stroking, belly rubs, brushing, and random touching. After sensitization for a few weeks or months, your pup will surely start getting more comfortable with your cuddles and snuggles.

Remember to progress at your dog’s pace. Never try to hurry him up. Even the most affectionate dogs can get annoyed by too much cuddling. Hence, you need to restrict yourself within your pup’s comfort zone.

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