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What Does a Miniature Poodle Look Like

Brown Miniature Poodle isolated on a white background

There is an old saying, a dog begins to look like its master at some point in time. Now that can be a good thing, or it can be a scary event.

They may not look exactly like their masters, but they do have their own unique look. They all do not look like those poodles you have seen at the AKC Championships. Their end look is up to you and how you want them to be seen.

Keep reading to find out more about how poodles will look after they grow up.

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They are Not Sissy Dogs

Poodles may have curly hair and may look like a furry Shirley Temple but underneath all those curls is a strong dog. Their outward appearance will depend on how you have them clipped.

Many show dogs do look like sissies with their fur all made up, but those dogs are not the norm. Many poodle owners cut their poodle’s hair very short and have them look like normal dogs.

Then some poodles are very athletic and come with an excellent athletic build that may turn the hearts of their female counterparts. When your pet has the correct or square look, then they are usually healthy, elegant, and athletic. You can’t ask for a better look.

Disease Takes its Toll

Small brown poodle sitting on a wooden background with a sunflower at its side

Not all poodles will have that square look. That is because they inherited an abnormal trait called chondrodysplasia. This deformity creates short legs, a long back and removes a lot of the elegance and athleticism from their bodies.

They also do not have the square look on their bodies. They are also prone to disc disease so you have to be careful when owning one of these poodles.

They Have Other Attributes

Small grey poodle sitting outside in a flower garden

Looks are not the only strength poodles come with. They have other characteristics that can improve how you look at them. Instead of being a sissy dog, poodles can be very brave and good watchdogs. They are not afraid to bark at strangers at the door or walk by the house.

Plus, they are very intelligent dogs. They take to training quite well. They are quick to learn and pay a lot of attention to you. But the drawback to this intelligence level is that they need a lot of mental stimulation.

Also, they have a very peaceful nature about them. They can accept cats and other dogs quite nicely. They know how to adapt to other members of the family and do not usually pick a lot of fights or cause trouble.

Finally, these poodles do not shed a lot and are the lightest shedding dog you can find. Then, they are also the most hypoallergenic dog you can find. The drawbacks to owning a poodle are that they need lots of exercises, companionship, and frequent clipping.

This breed of dog does get dependent, and they can get lonely resulting in some negative behavior when you are not home. They may be a bit hypersensitive at times as well, but these drawbacks do not overshadow all their good qualities.

Poodle Pros and Cons

Brown poodle puppy in a pink and white dog bed


  • They look good
  • Are polite dogs with strangers & other animals
  • Easy to train and housebreak
  • A very intelligent and bright breed
  • Very lively and likes to play a lot
  • Comes in a variety of colors (enhances their look)
  • Sheds lightly, good for homes with allergy sufferers
  • Is graceful & athletic
  • Comes in just the right size
  • Good for people who are not away from home for long periods of time


  • Needs frequent clipping, about once every 6 weeks or so
  • Can get high-strung and neurotic, avoid those poodle dog lines
  • Can become very timid when it does not socialize enough
  • Very sensitive to loud voices
  • Can be sensitive to stress and tension
  • Can bark when lonely, etc.

The way to avoid any negative traits is to adopt an adult dog from a shelter or the dog pound. Doing this lets you know exactly what you are getting and what to expect from the dog.

But if you want a puppy, you need to filter out the bad breeders and adopt from the right one. Plus, make sure to filter out the puppies as the right breeder will still get negative puppies from time to time.

Some Final Words

2 poodles, one small and white, the other small and black sitting in an arm chair

The look of your poodle is probably the least of your worries. No matter how they look, your pet will be the best companion you ever had. The key is to treat them right, provide them with proper nutrition and train them well.

Then no matter how they look in reality, they will look great in your eyes.

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