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How Big Do Miniature Poodles Grow?

Portrait of a red poodle with its head sticking through a hole in green peeled back paper

Dogs Grow Differently

Even among the same breed of dogs, you can expect to have different growth patterns. These growth patterns will depend on the type of sub-species your pet is. If it is a larger sub-species, then it can take longer for your pet to stop growing.

Poodles are no exception to this rule. There are three sub-species of poodles and each one has its own time frame for growing to its adult height. To learn how big a miniature poodle gets, just continue to read our article. It has that information and more.

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How Big Do Miniature Poodles Grow?

Small poodle sitting in a field of tall grass and weeds

This sub-species of poodles is the in-between or medium-sized dog. They are not that large nor are they that small. In the language of Goldilocks, they are just the right size. They are also the in-between dog when it comes to the length of their growing time.

A miniature poodle takes roughly 1 year to grow to its final adult size. Once they reach that point in time, they should be between 11 to 15 inches tall. They will also weigh around 14 to 18 pounds.

They are not large dogs by any means, and they will not eat you out of house and home when they are hungry. By 7 to 9 months of age, the miniature poodle should weigh roughly 10 pounds.

Growth Comparison Chart

To help you visualize their adult size, here is a small growth comparison chart matching the miniature poodle with the toy and the standard poodle sub-species.

  Breed of Poodle  Weight  Height  Time Frame
  Toy  6 to 9 pounds  8 to 10 inches  6 to 7 months of age
  Miniature  14 to 18 pounds  11 to 15 inches  12 months approx.
  Standard  45 to 80 pounds  15 to 23 inches approx.  24 months

Does Spaying or Neutering Affect My Poodle’s Growth?

Vet performing a spay or neuter surgery

There are benefits to spaying or neutering your poodle besides stopping them from producing a litter or two. This procedure helps to reduce prostate issues and cancer from developing.

The best time to neuter your miniature poodle would be around 5 to 6 months of age. Plus, your poodle should be less aggressive and mark their territory a lot less. But the answer to the question above is yes, it may interfere with the growth rate of your pet.

While it can help reduce the risk of mammary cancer, pyometra, spaying or neutering your poodle can increase life expectancy. That means your pet may be around for a lot longer than you expected.

The critical issue to having them spayed or neutered is that there may be complications due to the anesthesia used.

When is My Poodle Full Grown?

newborn poodle puppy with a pink ribbon around its neck being held by human hands

This too will depend on your dog but generally, the age when a poodle becomes fully grown is when they reach 2 years or 24 months. Sometimes the physical growth stops at 18 months, but another 6 months is usually needed for full adult maturity.

Then some poodles will reach their adult size by 12 months but need another year to fill out. That is normal and nothing to worry about.

Factors Involved in a Poodle’s Growth

A brown and a tan poodle puppy standing on leaf covered ground

There are several factors that will ultimately determine how big your poodle will grow. Here are the main three:

  1. Genetics– Their parents and grandparents will be a good indicator of how big your puppy will get to.
  2. Nutrition– Good nutrition will help your poodle grow big and strong, just like your kids need good nutrition to grow big and strong.
  3. Physical Activity– Getting enough exercise is also important and helps determine how big your poodle will get.

To help monitor their health and growth, you should weigh and measure them at least once a year. The correct way to weigh your pet is to weigh yourself first on a bathroom scale. Then record that measurement. Next, pick up your puppy and weigh the two of you together.

Subtract the first total from the second and you will have your puppy’s weight without the fuss. You do not want to have your poodle over or underweight. Different health issues come into play eventually when your pet is not at the right weight for their age and size.

While you work hard maintaining their weight and health, you can expect your pet to live between 10 and 18 years.

Some Final Words

Small brown poodle puppy laying in a dog bed

Taking care of your pet throughout its life is one way to make sure they stay with you for a long time. Just be aware that your poodle can be vulnerable to different diseases so make sure to get them their shots regularly.

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