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How Big Do Standard Poodles Get?

Black and grey standard poodle on a woodland trail

The Poodle is a fantastic athlete with above-average intellect and a friendly demeanor. Hence, it is ranked among the top ten most popular dog breeds, despite its fancy appearance. A male Poodle weighs 60-70 pounds when mature while a female adult Poodle weighs 40-50 pounds. Similarly, the average height of a standard Poodle is 18-24 inches. Keep reading to know how big standard poodles can get and when will they stop growing.

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At What Age is a Poodle Fully Grown?

Poodles are regarded as fully-developed adults at the age of 2 years. However, they begin to display emotional symptoms of maturity, such as a calmer demeanor, at 18 months of age. Most Poodles will have reached or come close to reaching their ultimate height around their first birthday. But, they will need another year to fill out their chests and achieve their final weight.

How Big is a Full-Grown Standard Poodle?

Black poodle standing in grass

A six-month-old male will weigh between 41 and 48 pounds, while a female Poodle will weigh between 28 and 34 pounds. At this age, both male and female Poodles are roughly 18 to 22 inches tall. This is already the full adult height for some of them.

What is a Standard Poodle’s Weight?

Male Standard Poodles can weigh up to 70 pounds, and female Standard Poodles can weigh up to 50 pounds. Naturally, the Miniature and Toy Poodle kinds have major weight disparities.

Growth Stages of Standard Poodles

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Male and female Poodles have a significant weight difference, but they have roughly the same height. If you discover that your pooch is significantly behind (or ahead) the normal growth rate, consult your veterinarian. Read on to learn about the usual growth stages of Poodle puppies.

NOTE: The following figures are just estimations (and slight variations are normal) because every dog is different.

0-4 weeks

red poodle puppy sleeping in a pair of hands

A Standard Poodle’s weight ranges from a few ounces to a pound at birth. The height is generally less than 10 inches. That’s right, they’re that small. Don’t worry, if you have a Standard Poodle from the start, they won’t take long to mature. You will see big improvements in them as soon as they receive the proper nutrition from their mother.

A Standard Poodle is normally weaned from its mother at around 3-4 weeks of age. They usually weigh around 4-5 pounds during this phase and then again about 1 pound per week after that.

4-8 Weeks

The suggested period to bring a Standard Poodle puppy home is between 6 and 8 weeks. However, it’s preferable to do that as close to 8 weeks as possible. During this phase, they reach a height of 10-13 inches and weigh about 7-10 pounds.

2-4 Months

Red poodle puppy standing on a wooden table

A Standard Poodle must receive extra attention and good nutrition during this time. It will help them to grow properly and stay healthy. They should be around 13-19 inches and weigh between 10-22 pounds by the time they reach 4 months.

4-8 Months

A Standard Poodle’s speed to grow begins to decelerate at this age. During this stage, you’ll notice that they’re quite curious about the world around them, and they’ll begin to explore more. Do expect occasional mischief from your pup. A Standard Poodle should be roughly 19-23 inches tall and weigh 30-40 pounds at the end of this stage.

8-12 months

2 Brown poodle puppies laying on a bed

A Standard Poodle should attain its maximum height in the first year of its life. Their final height should be around 23-27 inches, and they should weigh between 45-60 pounds. It’s critical to transfer your dog’s diet from puppy-based to adult-based as soon as he or she reaches the age of one year.

12-24 months

A Standard Poodle will reach its maximum weight of 45-70 pounds for males and 45-60 pounds for females. During this stage, they won’t grow any taller but you will notice them building up to become full adults.

How Much Care Do Standard Poodles Need?

Red standard poodle on a playground toy

Poodles are high-maintenance dogs and require a lot of attention. Some of the major aspects where they will need plenty of care are discussed below.


Keeping a Standard Poodle’s coat groomed and healthy is one of the most critical components of caring for one. It can quickly mat into tangled knots due to its dense, nearly coarse hair. Unless the hair is maintained extremely short, it will need to be brushed thoroughly every day to avoid matting.

This breed is recognized for having very little to no shedding. In fact, they are one of the few hypoallergenic breeds. This implies that their coats produce very little dander, which is a common allergen for allergy sufferers. Therefore, owners who suffer from severe pet allergies will love to have this breed.


Pack of poodles running on a beach

This breed necessitates daily exercise due to its muscular body and enjoyment of training. Poodles thrive when they are active throughout the day, whether it is tracking, training, or playing games. Swimming and water-based games are among the favorite activities of these pups.


Standard Poodles are very energetic and require plenty of food and water throughout the day. However, it should be done systematically because weight gain and bloating can occur. For this reason, you can’t give them too many treats or high-calorie foods.

Some people believe that treats should only be used for training purposes with this breed because it is frequently trained. After all, a lot of mental stimulation is needed to keep their intelligent minds busy.

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