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How to Groom a Poodle at Home?

White poodle with a fancy haircut being combed by a groomer while standing on a small table.

The most difficult aspect of having a poodle is to keep them well-groomed. Grooming a poodle at home may demand some more effort as you have to develop a better connection with your pet. It may seem a difficult task (for many people), but learning this skill can become easy if you have patience, willingness, and determination. Read on to learn how to groom a poodle at home.

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Can You Groom a Poodle Yourself?

Yes, you can. Grooming your poodle by yourself boosts the bond with your canine and is also an economical option. All you have to do is to follow some basic guide guidelines and remain patient throughout the process (of grooming).

What Tools Do I Need to Groom a Poodle?

It’s better to go for straightforward grooming tools when you want to do it yourself. However, make sure that each item you purchase should be of good quality. The following are some basic grooming tools that are used for grooming all types of poodles (standard, miniature, and toy).

Dog Brushes

Dog brush with a rectangle head, isolated on a white background.

There are two types of brushes that can be used in poodle grooming, slicker and bristle brushes. A slicker brush is used to remove tangles, loose hair, and is used for short hair. On the other hand, bristle brushes are used to ensure mat-free coat hair and are preferred for curly hair.

Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

The best dog-safe shampoos are hypoallergenic that are especially helpful for sensitive skin. These shampoos must have an alkaline pH between 7 and 14. Dog conditioner helps your poodle’s coat to stay moisturized and will keep mats and tangles to a minimum. Therefore, it’s recommended to spend on a good quality dog conditioner.


A clipper set is an essential grooming tool to groom and trim large parts of the fur. Some highly recommend clippers include the Oster or Wahl pet clippers that can be useful in heavy grooming. Most clippers have various blades that can determine the length of the Poodle’s coat. You will also need some dog nail clippers to trim the nails of your poodle.

Blow Dryer

Pink hairdryer on a white and pink divided background.

A dog blow or hairdryer is one of the most important grooming tools. It helps in drying hair and is quite useful while styling your poodle’s coat.

Grooming Table

It is best for your Poodle’s safety especially when you want to clip your pup at home. This tool gives a shape to your poodle so that you can perform the grooming comfortably. However, it’s better to first train your poodle for this grooming table before going for the cut.

What is the Best Way to Groom a Poodle?

Cuteness recommends poodle owners groom their dogs every 6 to 8 weeks. The following is the most popular and easy approach to groom your poodle at home by yourself.

Gather Supplies for Grooming a Poodle

Variety of grooming supplies on a light blue background.

Every owner must gather all the required tools or supplies to ensure a comfortable experience. In addition to the suggested tools, you can also use a rubber mat or newspaper to provide a smooth grooming surface.

Groom the Face

  • Hold your pup’s head in such a way that your fingers (of one hand) are on top of his/her head with the thumb under the chin.
  • Now, place the clipper with the blade horizontally next to your poodle’s opposite cheek.
  • Clean the area up to his/her neck by holding the nose.
  • Perform the same procedure on the opposite side.
  • While clipping around the eyes, it’s better to do it slowly and don’t clip an area more than twice. This is because it can leave a clipper burn.

Clip the Poodle’s Body

  • Position the front feet of your pup in one hand and raise him/her on the back legs.
  • Then, trim the hair from the belly and also from the insides of the back legs.
  • Use clippers with length attachments and trim your poodle’s coat in one length. You can also use sharp scissors and make your poodle’s coat smooth.
  • By holding the paws, trim the legs hair in straight cuts.
  • The top knot can be trimmed by brushing it forward in all four directions into a circle. Perform this on each side respectively.
  • Trim hair beneath his/her tail and from the bottom by holding the end of your poodle’s tail.

Wash the Dog

Close  up of a poodle being given a bath.

Now give a complete bathe to your poodle. Size is the deciding factor among the bathtub or basin. After washing your poodle with shampoo, use a towel and rubber mat to dry your canine. Use a blow dryer as well as dog brushes to set your poodle’s fluffy hairs. Use quality conditioner after the bathe.

Trim the Feet and Nails

  • For feet, split the toes from beneath (with your fingers) and cut the hair among them.
  • Now, bow the leg of your pup and split the toe pads to remove the hair. Perform it for other feet.
  • To ending the grooming of your poodle, simply trim his/her nails carefully. In the case of white nails, stop trimming where you see the blood vessel portion. But in the case of dark nails, use “Quick Stop” if your poodle has a cut.

How Do You Groom a Poodle’s Face?

  • Use a clipper with a flat blade and place it to the opposite of your poodle’s cheek.
  • Cut the hair up to the neck and ears.
  • Then do it for the other side.

NOTE: The best blade number for grooming a poodle’s face is 10. But in the case of sensitive skin, blade number 15 is better.

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