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How Fast can a Beagle Run?

Beagle running down a dirt path

Beagles can outrun humans, with an average speed of roughly 20 miles per hour. Its quickness is part of what makes the Beagle so effective at hunting. Their ability to sprint considerably aids them on hunting outings, which are the Beagle’s specialty. Keep reading to know how fast can a Beagle run and learn why beagles are good running dogs.

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Are Beagles Good Running Dogs?

Yes, beagles are good running dogs. A Beagle can run at speeds of up to 20 miles per hour. Some Beagles will have a faster top speed than this since a Beagle’s running speed is determined by their gender, size, and overall health.

Beagles can usually run a few miles (the ideal distance is three miles) before becoming tired, although this varies depending on the particular dog. Some dogs may be able to go 4 miles, while others may only be able to do 1 or 2 miles.

Beagles are recognized for their endurance, speed, and hunting instincts, so it’s no wonder that this breed is one of the more athletic canines. They are an excellent companion for athletic people, fast-paced and slightly impetuous attitude makes caring for them difficult, especially when they try your patience by fleeing.

Although Beagles are fast, enthusiastic, and eager to charge when they detect a scent, don’t expect them to run marathons or extremely great distances with you very soon. That is because Beagles are sprinters rather than long-distance runners, which means that while they can run very quickly over short distances, they lack the stamina to do so for lengthy periods.

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Why are Beagles Good Running Dogs?

Beagle jumping and running in tall grass

The following factors enable Beagles to run at such rapid speeds.


Dogs with too long or too short legs will struggle to keep up with you. Dogs weighing more than 80 pounds are more likely to have joint problems later in life. Beagles, on the other hand, have a consistent size that makes them good runners. Beagles are typically found in sizes ranging from 13 to 15 inches, considered the usual size required to run at a respectable pace.

Snout Length

Dogs cool themselves through panting, and running is strenuous exercise. Short-nosed dogs are often not ideal jogging partners. Running is quite harmful to many flat-faced dogs. They cannot fully cool themselves or breathe. The exception is beagles. They have a standard snout length that makes them good runners due to their controlled breathing rate.

Inquisitive Nature

2 beagles running side by side down a beach.

Beagles like exploring new locations and meeting new people. They’re inquisitive and interested, always wanting to know what’s going on around them. They’ll map out a new location using their noses, sniffing every inch of it.

When you return home, they’ll be the first to dig through your shopping bags to check whether anything is interesting to steal or eat. Their inquisitive nature makes them terrific runners since they are always following behind something because they are curious.

Sense of Smell

Beagles have an incredible sense of smell and are frequently spotted with their noses to the ground in pursuit of foxes or other prey. This breed is mostly employed to track rabbits and can follow a trail in place for several hours. Their keen sense of smell makes them excellent runners. Because of their curious nature, they will constantly follow a smell and trail behind.

A study of canine behavior was conducted in the 1950s. They examined the scenting abilities of several breeds by placing a mouse in a one-acre area and timed how long it took the dogs to detect it. It took the beagles less than a minute to find it. The beagle’s big ears and broad lips most likely aid in the capture of odors close to the nose.

What Affects the Running Speed of a Beagle?

Beagle on a leash running next to the person holding the leash

There are a few factors that can impact the running pace of a Beagle that every owner should be aware of. Genetics can play a role. Poorly bred Beagles are more likely to run slower than those born from high-quality genetics. Diet is another factor that might influence your Beagle’s running pace.

They will not be able to run that fast if they are overweight. Furthermore, if their diet is deficient in nutrients, they will lack the energy and muscularity required to sustain a fast-running pace. Another factor that might impact a Beagle’s running speed is a lack of exercise. A dog cannot be expected to run swiftly or over long distances unless it has been physically conditioned.

How to Improve the Running Speed of Beagle?

It doesn’t matter how fast the ordinary Beagle can run because their owners don’t involve them in substantial running activities. Nonetheless, some owners value speed for hunting or competing purposes. There are a few things you may do to increase the general running speed of your Beagle.


Close up of a beagle eating from a full food bowl.

If you want your Beagle to attain their full running ability, you must ensure that they are getting all of the nourishment they require. Their diet should include foods strong in protein and low in fat. Seek foods with actual animal protein as the first component and no artificial substances.


Your Beagle will not be able to attain their full sprinting potential if they do not have the opportunity to develop its abilities and build stamina. Regular outdoor exercise in the form of long walks and playtime at the dog park can help your dog run faster over time.

Good Health

If your Beagle isn’t in good health, it won’t be able to run swiftly, if at all. The most efficient strategy to guarantee your dog’s health throughout its life is to schedule frequent exams with your veterinarian. Keeping your dog hydrated, groomed, and sociable may all contribute to their overall health.

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