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Why are Beagles the Worst Dogs?

Beagle looking at the camera with a man in the background looking at the beagle

Beagles are sometimes referred to as naughty dogs because of their rebellious and mischievous temperament. Their obedience stems from their upbringing. Yet, owing to inadequate socialization and a lack of continuous training, beagles frequently become mischievous. Keep reading to know more about why Beagles are considered the worst dogs by some and what’s good about this breed.

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What Are the Worst Things About Beagles?

The following factors make it difficult to own a Beagle.

Hunting Nature

Although the Beagle breed is one of the least violent dog breeds in the world, it is still a hunting dog. Your Beagle puppy will have a strong prey drive. Beagles are sometimes the worst dogs because these little scent hounds are difficult to keep off-leash, especially at dog parks. They have a natural hunting instinct, which is why they would prefer to go after small creatures than join you in normal park frolicking.

High Energy

Beagle tugging a yellow flying disk toy out of a persons hand.

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These dogs are incredibly active in addition to their hunting instincts. They will not be pleased with a sedentary schedule; therefore, you should not get this dog unless you want to spend a significant amount of time exercising it outside. When beagles are not given adequate exercise during the day, they can become destructive, digging holes, chewing, biting, and scratching.

Clingy Nature

If your dog refuses to leave your side, don’t be startled. This breed is particularly attached and is prone to separation anxiety. Beagles like spending time with their owners, even if they do not die to please them.

Even though Beagles are fantastic to snuggle dogs, they are not the greatest news when it comes to isolation. These affectionate canines can’t bear the thought of being alone, which is why puppies with separation anxiety may exhibit destructive behavior and hostility.

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Destructive Behavior

Beagle pups can be destructive at times. They are the worst dogs to have inside a house. Their clawing, gnawing, and digging will be motivated by their disruptive conduct.

There are several explanations for their harmful behavior. However, separation anxiety is the most prevalent cause of destructive behavior in Beagles. These dogs can’t handle being alone, that is why you shouldn’t buy one if you won’t be home. Another explanation for their harmful conduct is a lack of exercise. Never turn your Beagle partner into a couch potato.

Why Don’t People Like Beagles?

Beagle asleep on a pillpw.

Some of the primary reasons why many people don’t prefer this breed are as follows.


Beagles may be difficult to train. That might make training difficult. If your dog does what they want, you may have to accept it (and keep them safe). Beagles are scent dogs who will follow their noses wherever they go. That implies that if your dog is not on a leash, it must be in a fenced-in area. Instead, keep his leash on for all walks to prevent him from following his nose.

Easily Scared

Beagles have a kind demeanor. As a result, they are one of the best family dogs. Because of these characteristics, they are incapable of becoming hostile.

Beagles are not brave dogs. They will not attack intruders to protect you. They will not engage in a fight with other dogs. If they detect a threat, they will attempt to flee or hide under their owners. They are easily frightened.

Vocally Expressive

Beagle laying in grass with its head thrown back, barking.

Beagles are vocal, and you should be aware of this before obtaining one. Beagles have an extremely expressive vocal range. They don’t simply bark; they wail, cry, bay, and whine. It’s as if they speak a language that only beagle owners comprehend. Thus, before you buy a Beagle, make sure your family and neighbors are okay with some loud barking now and then.

Skilled to Escape

Beagles are well known for their escape skills. They will find a method to get to anything they desire if it is on the other side of a fence. That can be an issue if you’re not vigilant, since they may run away and become lost. Beagles also like to dig, so make sure your fence is buried deep enough to keep them out.

Food Obsessed

Beagles are fascinated with food. That means they’re always looking for their next meal and will go to any length to acquire it. If given the opportunity, they will beg, steal, and even eat food from other people’s plates. If you’re not cautious, this can lead to obesity and other health concerns. Beagles are also notorious for being quite boisterous when they are hungry, so expect a lot of barking if you don’t keep their tummies filled.

Good Attributes of Beagles

Beagle on a brick path on a leash with the leash being held by a person in a long coat.

Despite all these disadvantages, Beagles also have a lot of positives to offer. That’s the reason why they are so popular among dog enthusiasts. Some of their best features are described below.

Low Maintenance

Beagles are generally healthy. They don’t have long coats that necessitate sophisticated or costly grooming sessions. Keep in mind that little maintenance does not imply any upkeep. You should keep your dog’s ears clean, and nails cut and washed regularly. Check their ears weekly to ensure they are clean and clear of infection. You should also wash your teeth regularly. When their puppy vaccines are completed, most puppies just require yearly wellness checkups.

Versatile Nature

Beagles may flourish in a variety of environments. That includes everything from rural living to living in a huge metropolis. Beagles are versatile animals. While they prefer to play in a large yard, the dog park may be an acceptable option for many beagles.


2 beagles running in a dog park.

While most dogs are packed animals, beagles are raised to live and work in groups. That adds to their being highly friendly canines and hence excellent family companions.

Friendly Nature

Beagles are social canines who like meeting new people. That applies to people, dogs, and maybe even cats. A beagle may be appropriate for you if you want a dog that does not isolate itself.

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