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How Many Hours do Poodles Sleep?

Woman laying on a bed with a poodle

You may be wondering what is typical for your Poodle’s sleeping habits and behaviors, whether you are a first-time Poodle owner or a long-time lover of this devoted and clever breed.

 In general, adult poodles may sleep 12-16 hours each day. Poodle puppies can sleep for 18-20 hours in 24 hours. Your Poodle’s personality influences how much sleep they get. Keep reading to know more about the sleep schedule of poodles.

How Long Do Poodles Sleep?

A particular sleeping regimen is required for each kind and age of Poodle. It’s very natural for your Poodle’s sleeping patterns to change with time, and there’s nothing to worry about. Let’s look at how much sleep poodles require at various periods of their lives. Read on to learn more about the sleeping routine of poodles.

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Newborn Poodles

Newborn poodle puppies sleeping

When they are not nursing their mothers during the first several weeks of their life, poodle babies can sleep all day. Newborns generally breastfeed every two hours, although they will close their eyes and appear to be sleeping while doing so.

Poodle Puppies

Brown poodle puppy sleeping in a crate

When they are 2-5 months old, poodle puppies sleep 18-20 hours per 24 hours. This applies to both night and day sleep. Your dog may sleep for extended periods at night, but it will need to get up and empty its bladder.

Adult Poodles

Poodle laying on a big cushion

In 24 hours, an adult Poodle sleeps for 12-16 hours on average; but, as it becomes older. In a study, researchers revealed that old and middle-aged dogs sleep more throughout the day than adult dogs. It was because they took shorter naps more frequently than lengthier naps.

Senior Poodles

White poodle laying in a blue bed

Your Standard Poodle is considered an older dog when it reaches the age of seven. Have you noticed that your dog’s napping time is steadily rising at this stage?

Your senior Poodle, like people, will lose energy as they become older. In general, senior Poodles sleep around 14-16 hours each day, but as they grow older (approximately 10-14 years old), they may sleep for 18 hours per day.

Where Should Your Poodle Sleep?

Black standard poodle in a dog bed, isolated on a white background

Providing a comfortable location to sleep for your Poodle is an essential aspect of their sleep cycle. Though purchasing a bed from your local pet store, Walmart, Target, or Amazon, for example, is the most straightforward approach to provide your Poodle with a secure place to sleep. These beds are available in a range of sizes and types to meet the demands of your pet.

How to Choose the Best Bed For Your Poodle?

Brown dog bed isolated on a white background

You want a bed for your Poodle that is comfortable, safe, and allows your pet to have a good night’s sleep. When purchasing a mattress, keep the following qualities in mind.

  • Your dog’s age, size, and breed should all be considered while selecting a bed. A tiny poodle, for example, will require a considerably smaller bed than a regular poodle.
  • Check if the bed you purchase is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Choose a high-quality, long-lasting bed.
  • Choose a high-quality cloth, preferably one with additional fluff for added comfort.
  • Determine where you want the bed to go and ensure it is in the proper form and size.
  • If you’re going to put a bed in a crate, be sure it’s the right size.

Favorite Sleeping Positions of Poodles

 apricot colored poodle laying down in between a pair of feet on a bed

Despite their inability to speak, Poodles are known to convey their feelings and thoughts in various ways. A wagging tail, for example, denotes happiness, but a drooping tail indicates dread. Did you realize, though, that the way they sleep may reveal a lot about their personality and temperament? The following are some favorite sleeping positions of poodles.

Crazy Legs

We’re sure you’ve seen your dog laying on his back with all four legs raised; this is known as crazy legs. According to studies, dogs who sleep in this position are more submissive and vulnerable. His tummy is completely exposed, with his forelegs raised. If your dog sleeps like this, it suggests they are self-sufficient and laid-back. In any event, when a dog does the Crazy Legs, it is letting their family know that they are entirely at ease and safe.

Side Sleeping

Small white poodle laying on hardwood floor with a dog bone

This is a pretty frequent posture in puppies. According to NextGen Dog experts, this posture is only used during sleep. Some dogs, on the other hand, sleep for lengthy periods. The pose is more relaxing than the Curly Sue, and it once again exhibits complete trust, with the dog feeling confident enough to expose its stomach. Dogs who sleep in this manner are pretty relaxed and unconcerned. That is why it is said that dogs who sleep on their sides are happy.

Belly Curl

The Belly Curl is comparable to the Curly Sue, but the dog’s body isn’t as tightly curled as the Curly Sue’s. If your dog sleeps with his belly coil, he may not enjoy the optimum sleep quality. When dogs sleep in this manner, their muscles are not permitted to relax at all, preventing them from entering a deep, REM period of rest. Belly curling dogs are mild and shy, yet some are the most daring in the herd.


Apricot colored poodle sleeping on its side on a brown bed

This posture is distinct from the others in that it indicates how your dog sleeps with you or another dog. Sometimes you may have seen your dogs sleeping in a back-to-back position if you have several canines. This is because it is a dog’s natural method of demonstrating that you are a valued member of the pack. Furthermore, back-to-back sleeping allows your dog to bond with you by establishing that they fully trust you.

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