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How to Make Your Dog Happy

Happy dog Laying in grass

Being dog parents,  it’s our responsibility to make sure that our canines are happy and healthy. Generally, dogs are happy and simple animals, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make them happier with a fun activity. The following are some effective ways to bring joy in your dog’s life.

Provide Love and Affection to Your Dog

Dogs adore human companionship and there is no better way to make them happy than to give them attention. They are always looking for an indication to live a bonding moment. Whether it is a play session or couch cuddling time, your pup will always love your company. Therefore, we must display unconditional love and be affectionate with our canine companion to create a strong bond.

Rotate Your Dog’s Toys

Dog with ice cream cone toy in mouth

Just like kids, toys are one of the weaknesses of a canine. However, you must use the dog toys efficiently to make the most of them. Some dog parents stick to the same toys for too long while others put all the toys around the house at once. Both these strategies are NOT good because the pup gets bored with his/her toys and needs new ones.

A better strategy would be to put your dog’s toys on a spin. This means that you keep rotating the toys every now and then to keep your pet engaged. Whenever he/she is looking to get bored with the toys that are out, put them away, and bring out the old toys that your dog has forgotten. This rotation policy will always keep your dogs busy and make them happier.

Play a Game of Hide & Seek

woman playing ball with puppy in living room

Dogs love to play and participate in various indoor games. Most canines love to play hide and seek, but they must be trained to stay a while until you go and find a hiding spot. Once you have found your hiding place, call your dog, and compliment him/her when he/she finds you. If your pup doesn’t have a good ‘stay’, you can take help from someone else to divert your dog.

Take Your Dog for a Walk

woman and child walking puppy on a leash

Daily walks are an important part of your dog’s physical and mental health. It is one of the best possible ways to make your pet happy and satisfied. Physical exercise helps them to burn off their excess energy while different new things give them an opportunity for mental stimulation. 

In addition to that, the bond with your pet gets strengthened due to this activity. Last but not least, regular walks play an important role in keeping your furry companion hale and hearty.  

Play a Game of Fetch with Your Dog

man playing fetch with dog

Dogs are active creatures who love to indulge in various types of physical activities. No one can disagree that a quick game of fetch with their owners is always one of the favorite alternatives. This is because it allows them to spend some quality time with the people they love.

Fetch is a simple way to have some extra fun with your dog. In this game, you toss a toy and let them do all the hard work. Be careful while selecting the toy as it shouldn’t be too heavy. This game is definitely one of the most popular sources of entertainment for different dog breeds.

Teach Your Dog Some Fun New Tricks

german shepherd laying on bed covering face with paw

Training is necessary for every domestic dog. For this reason, it should not be stopped just after teaching the commands, “sit”, “stay”, and “lay down” to your pup. You need to keep your training more interesting so that the canine is always engaged (and not bored).

Teaching your pet some new fun tricks, like weaving through your legs, can make them feel happier and confident. Some other impressive tricks that you can teach your dog includes spin, crawl, and clean up your toys.

Get a Kiddie Pool for Your Dog

black shaggy dog in blue kiddie pool

Most dogs love to swim, and they won’t need a second invitation to show their swimming expertise. Consequently, getting a special kiddie pool for your canine can bring him/her a lot of happiness. Other than swimming, dogs can also have a lot of fun playing in the pool with their water-friendly toys.

The idea of purchasing a pool is also beneficial as it can help your pup to stay cool in the summer. It’s recommended to buy the hard plastic kiddie pools because dog nails can tear the surfaces of the softer ones. After all, what’s more relaxing than a pool.

Homemade Treats for Your Dog

rolled out dog biscuit dough with a rolling pin

Some dogs love to see you cook for them. This means that dog owners can give a wonderful surprise to their pets by making some delicious homemade treats. So what are you waiting for? Spare out some time today and make some scrumptious dog treats for your canine friend. The following is a list of some easy recipes that anyone can try at home.

  • Quick & Easy Peanut Butter Treats
  • Chicken Dog Treats
  • Easy DIY Dog Treats
  • Ginger Apple Dog Treats
  • Cheesy Bone Treats

Meet Nutritional Needs of Your Dog

4 heart shaped bowl with healthy food in them on a wooden table

Understanding the nutritional needs of your dog is a very important responsibility of a dog parent. It involves constant learning and pursuing information that may be not obvious all the time. For instance, you may have to introduce a supplement to the diet of your dog to meet his/her nutritional needs.

For instance, supplements like Vivamune are used to support the immune system of our furry companions. In addition to that, it benefits your dog’s joints, digestion, and skin health. The chances of your canine living a happy life increase many times when he/she is feeling healthy.

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