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How Much Do Labradors Cost?

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It might cost between $4,500 and $5,000 to buy an adult Labrador Retriever of a particular ability. However, the typical expense of owning a Labrador Retriever is between $15,000 and $20,000 throughout its lifespan. A Labrador puppy can cost as much as $2,500 from a good breeder, although prices often range from $800 to $1,500. Keep reading to know the factors that affect the cost of Labradors and learn about the price of Labradors of different colors.

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Factors Affecting the Cost of Labradors

Prices for Labrador Retrievers may be influenced by several things. Expect some to be more expensive than others because these canines are grown and raised differently by each breeder. The following are some typical elements that influence the price of a Labrador Retriever puppy.

Physical Appearance

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The yellow Labrador Retriever often commands a more excellent price than the chocolate or black Lab. Labrador Retrievers are available in various hues, including red, yellow, black, chocolate, and Dudley. They can also be categorized as English or American Labradors; the latter is the more reasonably priced canine. Due to their different uses, American Labradors are more commonly employed for fieldwork, whereas English Labs are primarily utilized as show dogs.

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Like most dog breeds, a Labrador’s pedigree significantly impacts how much it costs. Purebred puppies sprung from a show championship bloodline are unavoidably more expensive than a Lab puppy of pet quality, even though this has little influence on their ability to be loving companions.


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The Labrador Retriever’s price will be influenced by age, similarly to other dogs. Although younger canines will cost more, you will get to enjoy them while they are still puppies. On the other hand, an older dog will likely be calmer and cost less money but may have behavioral problems that need to be addressed.


A puppy will cost more than the usual price if the breeder has previously trained it. Because they won’t have to deal with dog training challenges, some owners view this as a benefit. Raising a well-behaved dog is also more likely a result.

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Expect to pay extra if you get a Labrador from a respected breeder with many years of proven success because breeders’ costs vary. Even though it is more expensive, this is a better and more ethical choice than purchasing a dog from a backyard breeder or a puppy factory.

Registration Fee

If a puppy is registered with kennel groups like the American Kennel Club or the Labrador Retriever Club, you can only be sure you’re obtaining a purebred Lab puppy. If you want your puppy to have this certification, be prepared to pay more for a Labrador Retriever.


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Health problems can arise in Labrador Retrievers. The most frequent conditions are progressive retinal atrophy, which causes blindness, hip dysplasia, and elbow dysplasia. Therefore, you should always ask the breeder if they have checked the parents for hip, elbow, or eye issues before purchasing a Labrador puppy. The cost of the puppy will be lower if the pedigree has a history of hip or elbow dysplasia.

A reputable breeder will provide health records and certificates for both parents. The puppy will be protected from inheriting progressive retinal atrophy and will have a higher likelihood of having healthy hips and elbows. An additional $400 will often be paid for a puppy with health papers instead of one without.


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The least expensive choice is to adopt a Labrador, with adoption fees often falling between $50 and $500. The cost of adoption is based on the dog’s age and health, with older canines costing less. Because unskilled owners misunderstand how much exercise these working dogs require and cannot exhaust them, American Labradors are more likely to wind up in shelters.

An English Lab is unusual to come across at a shelter. That is because they are show dogs and frequently have more seasoned owners. They are also much less energetic, making them a good choice for young families searching for their first dog.

Although labs are generally calm and easygoing, a rescue Labrador may not be the best choice for new parents. They may require special attention and instruction because of behavioral problems brought on by previous neglect. Additionally, you won’t know their background or genetic makeup, and the Labrador you choose to adopt may be a mix.

Other Factors

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In general, service dog-trained Labrador Retriever puppies cost much more than regular Lab puppies. An assistance dog must undergo considerable training, which adds significant expenses to its upbringing. The cost of a Labrador Retriever may also vary depending on the breeder’s location and gender. To avoid unforeseen costs, ask the breeder specific questions about what is included in the bill.

How Much Is a Labrador Puppy?

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A Labrador puppy may cost anywhere from £650 and £850 in the UK and $800 to $1,200 in the United States. However, a Lab puppy’s price may be as high as $2,500 (or even more). This becomes particularly true if the Lab puppy you intend to buy comes from a line of champions.

Labrador Retrievers are a friendly, devoted breed that gets along well with kids. Additionally, labs are very clever, driven, and simple to teach. They are, therefore, excellent dogs for new owners. Particularly in America, it is not difficult to discover Labrador pups for sale.

A Labrador can be adopted in various ways, including from dog shelters and breeders. However, there are differences between these solutions’ costs and essential information. For instance, there are several blends, colors, and types of labs.

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How Much Does a Black Labrador Cost?

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Although a Black Labrador Retriever may be adopted for between $350 and $400, you have to pay between $800 and $2,000 in most cases. However, getting a black Labrador puppy from a top-notch retriever could be pricey. For example, it will cost between $1700 and $2500 if you want to get a black lab puppy from a well-known breeder. On the other hand, the cost will range from $1100 to $1500 if you get a retriever puppy from a less reputed company. The breeder sets the Labrador puppy with a pedigree’s ultimate price.

How Much Does a Yellow Labrador Cost?

3 yellow labrador retriever puppies laying in grass

Although yellow labs are not uncommon, because of their high level of popularity, adopting one of these puppies can be expensive. The cost for Yellow Labs range from $800 to $1,200. However, the breeder, the dog’s lineage, and the location can have an affect on the price.

Yellow Labs with a championship pedigree that are show quality can cost up to $5,000. It is less expensive to adopt than to purchase from a breeder. When adopting a Lab from a shelter, you should budget between $400 and $600. However, it’s highly recommended to get a Yellow Lab puppy from a reliable certified breeder.

The necessary papers to confirm your puppy’s pedigree will be available from reputable breeders. When you purchase from a reputed breeder, you also increase your chances of receiving a healthy puppy.

How Much Does a Chocolate Labrador Cost?

Chocolate labrador puppy sitting in grass

You should budget between $800 and $1200 when getting a Chocolate Lab puppy. They prepare to move to a permanent home when they are eight weeks old. Before this age, no Chocolate Lab should be sold. Make sure the breeder you choose to get your puppy from is reputable. Avoid puppy mills and pet retailers when purchasing pups at all costs.

Visit a breeder of field-bred dogs if you’re seeking a dog specifically designed for hunting. Visit a breeder who specializes in producing dogs for show rings if you’re searching for a show dog.

How Much Does a Silver Labrador Cost?

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You must be prepared to pay a little bit more if you want a Silver Lab (or charcoal) or Champagne. Despite their growing numbers, they are still uncommon, particularly in the UK. Hence, it is quite normal to see these puppies cost $400-$1000 more than the typical solid-colored puppies.

This fact has led some people to conclude that breeders only chose to breed this uncommon gene for this purpose. Prices will probably decrease as they grow more widespread, but they might never get to the point where they are comparable to regular labs that adhere to AKC rules.

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