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Male Labrador Vs. Female Labrador

images of a Female and male yellow labs meeting in the middle with the letters VS on the diagonal line.

The attachment style and independence of male and female Labradors appear to be the usual variations between them. A male Lab would happily go about his life if he is near you, but a female Lab’s independence might cause problems. Although the distinctions between a male and female Lab may not seem significant, they might influence your choice. Keep reading to get a detailed comparison of male and female Labradors and learn about the key factors that must be considered.

Male Labrador

Male Labrador Retrievers hold onto their personality and attitude throughout their life. They are often very content dogs who are eager to show affection. They exhibit consistent emotions and attitudes and indulge in simple to comprehend activities.

Male Labradors provide love and are usually seeking attention and confidence. They like making their owners happy and will stop at nothing to please their human family. However, they can also be highly affable to strangers and may not be the best at providing guardianship.

Slower training progress is the result of their propensity to hump, mark, and chase female dogs. Male Labs also tend to lag and are more inclined to disregard commands from their owners or trainers.

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Female Labrador

yellow lab on a leash being walked down a sidewalk

From an early age, female Labs are highly clever and perceptive. However, when she is in heat, hormonal changes might alter her mood, personality, and behavior. Her disposition may become picky as a result of these changes, making her difficult to read and judge at times.

Your female Labrador can go into heat anytime between seven months and their first birthday. After that, she will go into heat twice a year. During this time, the following changes will occur.

  • A noticeable change in mood. Your Lab will start being grumpy all the time.
  • Enlarged breast glands
  • More urination
  • Thirst

Lab females are reserved in their displays of affection. They regard love as something you have to earn since they aren’t always trying to please their owners.

Do Male and Female Labs Look Different? 

2 Black labs and a brown lab sitting side by side outdoors in an autumn setting

According to AKC, there is a definite difference between the sizes of male and female labs. The height, as well as the weight of the male Labrador retriever, is more than the female. Hence, males look bulkier while females are slim. Labrador Retriever females are around 15–25% smaller than male Labs.

Are Female Labs More Aggressive Than Males?

Female black lab on a rocky outcrop next to a lake

In the case of males, aggression does happen occasionally, and when it does, it’s typically for a good cause. Male Labradors only truly exhibit aggressive behavior when they feel threatened by anything (toys, bed, space, food, humans).

Female Labs are not typically dominating or aggressive, like their male counterparts, but they only exhibit aggression towards other female dogs. Similarly, female Labradors will only bite other female dogs.

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Differences Between a Male Labrador and a Female Labrador

The following table represents some of the basic differences between male and female Labrador retrievers.

CharacteristicsMale LabradorFemale Labrador
Height22.5-24.5 inches21.5-23.5 inches
Weight65-80 pounds55-70 pounds
TrainingHard to TrainEasy to Train
AppearanceBigger and bulkier with more muscle massSlimmer and less bulky with less muscle mass.
BehaviorEasily get distractedMore focused

Similarities Between a Male Labrador and a Female Labrador

Overhead view of a black lab looking up at the camera

Some of the biggest similarities between male and female Labrador retrievers are listed below.

Lifespan – Compared to other dog breeds, Labrador retrievers have a long lifetime. They live an average of 12 years. In unusual situations, labs can survive for almost twenty years.

Puppy Price – $800-$1,200 is the price for both genders if you want to buy a Labrador puppy.

Temperament – Labrador Retrievers are friendly, active, and outgoing either male or female. Both like affection and care.

Shedding – There will undoubtedly be a fair quantity of hair in your house, on your sofa, in your car, and pretty much anywhere else your Lab travels, no matter male or female. Because Labrador retrievers usually shed their hair.

What is Better about a Male Labrador?

Black labrador retriever laying in grass with trees and a red building in the background

Males tend to be more fun and goofier, more attention-seeking, and more sociable with humans and other animals. Some guys could be more driven to win over their masters. Males are more likely to defend their families or their territories.

What is Better about a Female Labrador?

Black labrador retriever standing in grass

However, females may be less overt in their shows of affection, and they may assert their authority by pushing or prodding others. While female Labs are normally calm and gentle, they occasionally bite, especially when the other females are young and little. They are easy to train and mature faster than males.

Who Should Get a Male Labrador?

Black labrador puppy laying in grass

Males tend to be beefier and heavier, and because of this, their features and muscles are more attractive. People who like competing in dog shows might choose a male if the dog meets the qualifications. But be aware that they are hard to come by.

The greatest dogs for first-time dog owners are male Labradors that live in homes with yards. They should always be able to engage with someone due to their ongoing desire for attention and assurance. Males require a lot of space to roam around since they often have larger bodies and a silly, enthusiastic disposition.

Who Should Get a Female Labrador?

yellow labrador retriever chewing a stick while laying in grass outdoors

Females are better for guardianship responsibilities and single people, but they also make wonderful family members. They can manage to live in a space as tiny as an apartment as long as they receive lots of daily walks and exercise. Because of their propensity for independence, you can leave them alone because they won’t become overly enthusiastic.

They are beneficial to have, though, if you want to breed or are willing to devote your time to the dog’s needs. Additionally, their delicate features and modest build perform well in dog show contests.

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