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Irish Labrador vs. British Labrador

Pictures of a yellow lab, and an irish setter mix meeting in the middle on the diagonal with the letters VS in the middle

A purebred Labrador Retriever and a purebred Irish Setter are combined to create a Irish Labrador (Lab Setter mix). This combination, however, may occasionally refer to an English Setter Lab combination. On the other hand, English Labs are among the most attractive dogs in the world. They are nearly faultless on four legs, with an adorable disposition to go along with those good looks. Keep reading to get a detailed comparison between Irish Labrador and British Labrador and know more about their peculiarities.

Irish Labrador

In particular, Irish hunters developed the Irish Setter in the 1800s so that they could wander and play freely on the open, green Emerald Isle. Setter-type dogs were used for hunting even before weapons were invented because of their powerful sense of smell.

Setters would lay down on their bellies and notify their owners by sniffing out prey, such as small game-like birds. Setters were nicknamed “gun dogs” because they hunted alongside hunters using rifles after such weapons became commonplace.

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British Labrador

Portrait of a black lab

Many English Labs in the US are like their American Lab relatives in every way. The only difference is the purpose for which they were developed (either as pets or hunting partners).

Depending on where you reside, each strain has a distinct name. In England, the English Lab is known as a Show or Bench Labrador. A lab that was born in England is simply referred to as an “English Lab” by those who reside in Britain.

English immigrants who were among the first to settle in Newfoundland developed the Labrador breed. These immigrants brought from England their hunting and fishing partners. Therefore, even though all early Labradors were working dogs, all Labradors can be considered “English.”

Origin of Labradors

Yellow lab outdoors standing on a hill with mountains in the background

The first Labradors were developed in Newfoundland, Canada, and England in the 1830s. They were first developed as hunting, gun, and water dogs and were used to accompany hunters and recover shot prey. They immediately gained popularity because of their affectionate and devoted temperament. Labs quickly became popular as family dogs and were recognized by Kennel Clubs.

Due to their outgoing personalities, these show dogs are now frequently employed as working and service animals, such as guiding and therapy dogs.

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Differences Between Irish Labradors and British Labradors

The following table shows some of the major differences between Irish labs and English Labs.

CharacteristicsIrish LabradorBritish Labrador
Height25-27 Inches21.5-22.5 inches
Weight60-70 Pounds 60-80 pounds
TemperamentActive, outgoing, and sweet-NaturedFriendly, kind-natured, and loyal
ColorMahogany RedYellow, chocolate, and black
Life Span12-15 Years10-12 years
Price$1,200 and Up$800-$1200

Similarities Between Irish Labradors and British Labradors

Portrait of a yellow lab laying outdoors

Some of the biggest similarities between these breeds are listed below.

Shedding – Both dogs have a moderate shedding rate and will lose a significant amount of hair.

Bathing Frequency – Both breeds have long hair and will need a bath after 2-3 weeks.

Grooming – Both these Labs will require a moderate level of grooming to keep their coats tangle-free.

Intelligence – Both of these dogs are known for their intelligence and are always eager to learn new things.

Playfulness – Both dogs are highly playful and will need plenty of daily exercise to stay calm and happy.

Sociability – Both Irish setters and English Labs are quite social and would love to meet new people.

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What is Better about Irish Labradors?

Irish setter mix laying on the floor

The Lab Setter mix is a lively, perceptive, and devoted family dog. They thrive in busy households with lots of things to do. They’ll get along with kids, dogs, family members, and strangers if properly taught and socialized! But the precise traits they get from each purebred parent will affect their temperament and looks. Therefore, brand-new owners should be ready for everything!

What is Better about British Labradors?

Portrait of a wet yellow lab

British Labs are said to be more passive, quiet, mellow, and tranquil. In general, British Labradors are cheerful and sociable dogs. When they’ve had the right training and socialization, the majority tend to get along well with everyone, even other canines, and strangers. High energy levels of Labs also make an impact on their personality.

Who Should Get an Irish Labrador?

Irish setter mix sitting on a trail outdoors

This crossbreed is a great addition to busy families who like outdoor activities. However, it might not be the greatest choice for those seeking a more laid-back dog.

When it comes to training, the Lab Setter Mix needs a lot of time and patience because of how high-energy they have as puppies and young adults. Additionally, they will thrive in homes with lots of play space and a sizable, enclosed backyard where they can run about and expend any surplus energy.

Given that they develop strong bonds with their owners, hybrid dogs like this one fare best with owners who can keep them at home most of the time. Your Lab Setter Mix might be the ideal dog for you if you are an adventurous and active person who has the time, patience, and capacity to train and exercise them.

Who Should Get a British Labrador?

Yellow lab sitting on large rocks at the beach

An English Lab could be a better option than a Lab from working lines if you merely want a laid-back family companion or you care about the appearance of your dog. You have more options if physical beauty doesn’t matter as much. Both American and English Labs are suitable for active persons who plan to exercise and train their dogs frequently.

Consider your options if you enjoy rigorous dog training or want to utilize your dog as a hunting partner. An English Labrador is perhaps a little more difficult to train. He could not have the motivation, perseverance, or athleticism you require.

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