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How To Bathe a Yorkie Puppy

Wet yorkie puppy wrapped in a pink towel

When you like a clean house, you also want a clean dog. Plus, a dog that smells nice. That means that you have to bathe your little Yorkie. But you can’t just toss them in a tub and scrub them down.

You will need some tools to help you as this dog breed does come with fairly long hair that can get tangled. That means you will need a nice comb to help smooth out those clotted hairs and get your Yorkie looking nice.

There are a few things you should do to bathe your Yorkie beyond that step. Keep reading to find out more.

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At What Age Can You Bathe a Yorkie Puppy?

This depends on your method. Some experts say that you should not use any soap when your Yorkie is 12 weeks old and under. But you can give them a nice bath when they are 8 to 10 weeks old. You just have to be careful, as too many baths can dry out their skin and cause them some discomfort.

If they are not outside that much, you can wait to bathe your puppy till it has completed its vaccination course. Then a cloth soaked in warm water and a little puppy shampoo will be all the items you need to bathe this little dog.

But if your dog loves rolling around in the dirt, then you can bathe them a bit more often to keep them clean. The key to giving your Yorkie puppy a bath is to make sure you dry them thoroughly.

It is easy for them to catch a cold if you leave them a little wet after drying them off.

How Do You Wash a Yorkie’s Face?

Yorkie in a stainless steel tub with suds on its head

All you need for this task is a nice soft facecloth. Make sure it is damp with warm water and no soap added. Then you just wipe their face with a damp cloth. Make sure to be firm but gentle as you want to get the dirt off, not make your dog scared of a bath.

Or you can use a dog-friendly wet wipe. These should be okay to use, and make sure there are no germs on your dog’s face. Some Yorkie owners wash their dog’s faces after every meal.

You can decide how often you will wash your dog’s face. You can do it once a day or 3 times a day. The frequency is totally in your hands. You be the judge, as you will know your dog best.

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How Do You Give a Puppy Their First Bath?

Wet yorkie in a red tub

The first thing to remember is that you got to be careful. These are small dogs, and they do not have the strength a larger dog has. You cannot be rough with them or rub them very hard.

Then you need to take a nice wide-tooth comb and brush out any tangles you find. If you don’t do this step first, those tangles may turn into matting that is harder to remove.

After that, run some warm water in a tub or a sink. Do not go hotter than about 70 to 80 degrees F. Yorkies are not fond of hot baths where the water is very hot.

Before you get them wet, you might consider putting cotton balls in his or her ears. This will help keep water out and prevent ear infections. Then soak your dog and put the soap on them.

Use high-quality puppy shampoo to make sure your dog is protected from harsh chemicals, etc. Once you have finished washing your dog, rinse him or her off and get ready to dry them.

How Do You Dry a Yorkie After a Bath?

Yorkie wrapped in a white towel on a table with a hair dryer, shavers, and brush.

Yorkie puppies get cold very easily, so it is important to wrap them in a towel as soon as they are done with their bath. Once in the towel, massage the excess water off their skin and fur.

Be gentle with the massage, as you want to get all the excess water off without hurting your pup. Now is when you use your hair dryer and put the setting on low.

Yorkies do not need a lot of heat to get dry. Make sure your puppy is fully dry before letting them go play in your home. Run your hand through their fur as you dry to get every part of their skin and fur dry.

You will find that the noise of the dryer will take some time before your Yorkie is used to it. Make sure to keep the dryer about 2 feet away from your pet.

Some Final Words

Tiny Yorkie puppy isolated on a white background.

Bathing your Yorkie is a matter of remembering that they are not large dogs. You cannot bathe them like you can a German Shepherd or other large dog breeds.

Plus, you need to make sure they are fully dry as the Yorkie’s size makes them vulnerable to illness. Other than that, it is like bathing any dog breed.

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