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How To Train a Yorkie to Use a Litter Box

Close up of a blue litter box with a scoop

They are a small breed. One thing about the Yorkie size, they can fit into small places. This works well when you are traveling, shopping, or even potty training them. A Yorkie is small enough to fit inside a litter box.

The process is quite simple. Just watch your puppy, and when they are ready to go to the bathroom, just pick them up and put him or her into the litter box. Then give the right command.

When your puppy does what you want, make sure to reward him or her. After a while, your Yorkie should get the idea that using the litter box is a good thing and should continue to use it.

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What Is the Fastest Way to Litter Box Train A Dog?

It is highly doubtful that there is a fast way to do this training. Every dog, no matter the method, takes its own time to learn. For Yorkies, some dogs get the idea in 2 months, while others of their breed take longer to learn.

It is really up to the dog and how you treat them during this training. Positive reinforcement is always the fastest way to success. Negative reinforcement may set the training back while your dog adjusts to the treatment.

Praising and rewarding your Yorkie will make them want to use the litter box over other options.

The key to this process is to make sure you have the right size box for your Yorkie, use the right litter, and place the box in the best spot possible. You do not want it close to their food at any time.

When you use consistency, patience, and persistence, your Yorkie should learn to go to the litter box on their own and without prompting from you.

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Can You Teach Small Dogs to Use a Litter Box?

Yorkie sitting next to a litter box.

Yes, it is possible to train any small dog to use a litter box. This is an advantageous method to use for your pet. It means that they do not have to wait till you get home or get up to go to the bathroom.

They can just saunter on over to the litter box and do their duty without delay. That makes bathroom time more relaxing for your pet. Plus, it helps put your dog at ease as they know they will have no hassle when they go to the bathroom.

The key to litter box training your small dog is to make sure the box is the right size. No dog will feel comfortable or will want to use the litter box if it is too small for them.

Fortunately, litter boxes come in different sizes since cats come in different sizes. That means you can find a good-sized litter box for your Yorkie or other small dog breeds.

Another key will be to let your dog become familiar with the box. Let them sniff and explore to make sure they know it is a safe place for them. Make sure the sides are not too high, or they may not be able to get in or out very easily.

What Should I Put in My Puppy’s Litter Box?

Close up portrait of a small yorkie puppy

This will be up to you as there are several options. The content you use will depend on how much cleaning up you want to do. You can use newspapers if your dog is newspaper trained already. But that would be a short-term option once your dog gets the idea that the litter box is their bathroom.

Another option would be pee pads. These are easy to clean up and can help keep the litter box clean and smelling fresh. If you can afford to buy these pee pads, then you can use them all the time.

The best option would be actual kitty litter. But you do not want to buy low-quality litter as they do not absorb very well. These low-level options would be like using a newspaper.

To make the time more enjoyable for your pet, make sure to get high-quality kitty litter. It should smell nice, absorb well, and make it easier to clean up when your dog is done.

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Some Final Words

Blue litter box filled with kitty litter and a scoop isolated on a white background

When you have a small dog and live in a small place, training your puppy to go in a litter box is a good idea. This allows your pet to go to the bathroom when you are at work or asleep, making it easier for your pet.

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