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How To Train a Yorkie Poo

Yorkiepoo laying in grass

Not everyone loves a large dog. It used to be that large dogs were all the rage. Today, however, many dog owners are opting for smaller dogs. They are easier to take care of, cheaper to feed, and they fit into small homes and smaller apartments better.

But small dogs can be more difficult to train. Some small dog breeds like the Yorkie come with big personalities, which makes them tougher to deal with than a larger dog breed.

It can be done, though, with patience and a little gentle persuasion. Crate training may be one option.

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What Is a Yorkie Poo?

The name does sound a little strange and makes one think of the dog after they just answered nature’s call. The name reflects the two breeds involved in this new mix.

Yorkie is short for Yorkshire Terrier. This dog was bred originally in Yorkshire, England. As time went on, Yorkshire was brought to this country, and when they became popular, someone got the bright idea to cross-breed it with a Poodle.

Thus, the name Poo in Yorkie Poo. The Poos is short for Poodle. This is a good mix, as the resulting puppies are cute, friendly, fun, and very playful. Despite this good nature, these dogs can be hard to train.

What makes them this way is their stubborn streak. Plus, they like to be free and do what they want. These are two attitudes that you need to gently break if you are going to train your Yorkie Poo.

Are Yorkie Poos Easy to Train?

portrait of a black yorkiepoo laying in grass

While some Yorkie Poos catch on to the training faster than other Yorkie poos, you can expect the training to last anywhere between 4 and 6 months. What will help is if you watch for the signs that he or she needs to go to the bathroom, as well as being consistent in your training.

If you see your dog sniffing around or circling one spot, then it is time to pick them up and take them to the spot you want them to go the bathroom. Don’t forget to give them a little treat when they go where you want them to.

Positive reinforcement is always a great way to help your dog remember their potty spot. They may need a few trips to the same spot before they learn what they are to do and where they are to go.

When you pick them up to take them to their approved bathroom spot, make sure to do it gently. Yorkie Poos are not very strong dogs and can get injured very easily if handled incorrectly.

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Are Yorkie Poos Hard to Housebreak?

Light colored Yorkipoo laying on a couch

Some people think they are. They attribute the hard time they had training their Yorkie Poo to the dog’s stubborn streak. But it may be that they used incorrect training methods.

Other people find that they are easier to train than some other dog breeds. They use positive reinforcement, and their dog responds accordingly. Your results will be up to the dog’s personality.

But patience is going to be the key, as Yorkie Poos can take up to 6 months before they7 are fully trained. Another key is going to be your training start time. You need to train the Yorkie Poo when they are young to make sure they learn well.

Once they learn, they will hold to that training throughout their dog’s life. Also, keep in mind that all dogs are not the same. Some will have to pee or poo more frequently than other Yorkie Poos will.

While you have a training schedule, make sure to allow for this bathroom fact.

Good Housebreaking Training Methods

Close up portrait of a Yorkipoo puppy

There are quite a few training methods you can use, but a couple stands out as being better than others.

1. Paper Training– It may be old-fashioned and old school, but it works. Train your dog to go on the paper. Place the paper in a good spot not far from the door. Then when you go to move the paper outside, your Yorkie Poo won’t have far to go.

2. The Litter Box Method– Some Yorkie Poo owners train their dogs to go in the cat’s litter box. This is convenient, easy to clean up, and keeps the odor away.

This is safer for your pet as well, as they do not have to deal with what is outside your home when they go to the bathroom. Plus, you can combine the two methods and use the paper to start training your dog.

Then move the paper slowly to the litter box. Finally, place the paper over the litter box, so your dog gets the idea that is where they are to pee, etc.

Some Final Words

Close up of a yorkipoo

When you buy a Yorkie Poo, be patient and be gentle. Training this dog breed is very different from training a larger dog. Give it time as well as their stubbornness may hold up training for a while.

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