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How to Breed Chihuahuas?

2 white chihuahuas sitting in grass outdoors

Breeding a Chihuahua is not a straightforward task because it involves many risks and complications. Chihuahuas are prone to several health issues and will require a C-section in most cases. This can make the process expensive and a lot of breeders will choose not to reproduce these pups. Keep reading to discover the right age to breed Chihuahuas and learn the reasons that make it a difficult task.

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Are Chihuahuas Hard to Breed?

Yes, they are. Chihuahuas are regarded as one of the trickiest dogs to breed because of their fragile bodies and excitable personalities. This means that they will require extra care and attention (in comparison to other breeds) while pregnant. In addition to that, they are prone to several health issues which have to be minimized during this phase. Hydrocephalus and dental issues are among the biggest problems that have to be controlled.

How Many Times Can You Breed Chihuahuas?

5 chihuahua puppies isolated on a white background.

You should always ensure that a female Chihuahua is in the best of health before breeding. Chihuahuas are very tiny and can develop life-threatening conditions if they are mated more than 3 times in their life.

For example, they can suffer from internal injuries (alongside pain) and psychological implications. Hence, it’s highly recommended to breed your Chihuahua a maximum of 2-3 times and ensure a gap of at least 18 months between these pregnancies. Read on to learn why Chihuahuas cannot be bred more regularly.

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long hair chihuahua on its back with surgical drapes laying across its stomach

Most Chihuahuas will require a C-section to give birth to new puppies because of their small size. C-sections come with a lot of risks and dangers, like blood clotting and stress. These things can have a long-term impact on a pooch and should be avoided. Hence, it is not recommended to breed your Chihuahua too many times.

Healing Time

2 vets wrapping a chihuahuas midsection in gauze

Pregnancy is a very demanding condition even if a dog doesn’t require a C-section. The body as well as the mind of your pup will need some time to recover. This recovery period becomes even longer when a Chihuahua undergoes a C-section. The scars on the body and the uterus lining will require significant time to heal. Therefore, you should ensure a gap of at least 1.5 years between pregnancies. 

How Old Do Chihuahuas Have to Be to Breed?

Teacup chihuahua standing on a pavement made of pavers

Although Chihuahuas do get their first heat around the age of 5-6 months, they should be at least 2 years old when bred. Some breeders might suggest that a Chihuahua can be bred at the age of 1 or 1.5 years. However, that’s not right because these tiny pups aren’t fully grown at that time. The pelvic region isn’t fully formed and the hip area hasn’t reached its full width. Hence, the chances of complications are greater.

In most cases, female Chihuahuas shouldn’t be bred after the age of 6 years. In fact, a lot of veterinarians might tell you to stop breeding even before that because of medical issues. This is particularly true if your pup has a history of difficult deliveries that put extra pressure on the hips, knees, and back.

On the other hand, male Chihuahuas can start breeding at the age of 1 year. Although they start producing sperm when they are 6-7 months old, it’s better to wait until they reach the age of 1.5 years. This is because the sperms become strong over time and are ready to impregnate a female Chihuahua.

The prime age of male Chihuahuas (for breeding) is between 1.5 and 5 years. After that, the sperms become weak and the chances of successful breeding are minimized.

How Do You Get Chihuahuas to Mate?

2 chihuahuas in a tent with 2 bowls of dog food

It’s imperative to perform thorough research before breeding your Chihuahua because it involves several factors. Make sure that you have the time and the finances to afford the process and consult a vet to determine whether your pup is ready or not. Similarly, you should get a medical examination of the other dog to ensure everything is fine.

Once you are sure about all these factors, you can start the mating process to breed Chihuahuas. Here’s how you should progress.

Wait for the Female Chihuahua to Go in Heat

Red and white long haired chihuahua laying on a park bench

You must be familiar with the heat cycle of your Chihuahua by now as you have waited for 2 years. Hence, you can predict when your pooch will be ready to mate. Keep an eye out for the signs and wait for your Chihuahua to reach the estrus stage of the cycle. During this phase, a dog is most receptive to breeding and the chances of pregnancy are at a maximum. You can also take help from your veterinarian to find the right time for breeding.

Allow the Male and Female Chihuahuas to Mate

Tan chihuahua in a dog bed

When the female Chihuahua is ready to conceive, put both the dogs in the same area and they will mate. Female dogs are eager for mating during this process and will attract the male companion towards her. In most cases, you won’t need to make any special arrangements and the Chihuahuas will mate by themselves.

Mate the Dogs Multiple Times

Brown and tan long haired chihuahua with its head leaning on an arm rest

Most breeders tend to mate the dogs 2-3 times during the heat to maximize the chances of pregnancy. It is quite understandable because a female Chihuahua might not be able to conceive in a single session. Once the female Chihuahua is successfully impregnated, her body will prepare for the next phase. The average pregnancy of Chihuahuas will last for 63 days. 

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