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How to Stop Chihuahuas from Shedding?

Chihuahua laying on a table next to a bowl of shedded dog hair

Shedding is a natural process for Chihuahuas and they will leave behind a bunch of loose hair. They shed more than many dog breeds and can cause frustration to the owners. Fortunately, there are some ways (like bathing or brushing) to control the shedding of these little pups. Keep reading to know how you can stop Chihuahuas from shedding and learn whether bathing is useful or not.

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Why is My Chihuahua Shedding a Lot?

Chihuahuas shed a lot due to their coat type. Like, if you have a short-haired Chihuahua with a single coat (or with no undercoat), then you will notice less shedding. But, if you own a long-haired Chihuahua with a double coat, then the long hairs are visible everywhere which is a sign of high-level shedding. The following are some other important reasons that make Chihuahuas shed more than usual.

Skin Diseases

Chihuahuas can develop fungal and/or bacterial skin infections that can cause them to shed unnaturally. Other than that eczema, sunburn, and dandruff can also cause excess licking which will result in abnormal hair loss.

Underlying health issues

Chihuahua on an exam table with a vet looking into a microscope in the background

If Chihuahuas shed a lot for an entire year, then it means they might have an underlying health issue known as hypothyroidism. In this disease, a dog’s thyroid gland does not produce adequate thymine which can lead to various health issues like loss or gain of weight, abnormal hair falls or shedding, etc. Health problems related to the kidneys, liver, or adrenal gland can also cause shedding.


Hormones are one the most common reasons for the shedding in female Chihuahuas. Even if they are spayed, they still shed a little more than usual. But not more than the un-spayed Chihuahua does. Lactating and pregnant Chihuahuas will shed quite a lot because of their hormonal changes especially after giving birth to a puppy.

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White and tan chihuahua scratching

Allergies can cause three types of abnormal shedding in Chihuahuas. These allergies include environmental, food, and parasitic allergies. Environmental allergies (like dust or pollen) can cause itching and skin problems which can result in severe hair fall.

On the other hand, parasitic allergies (like fleas, lice, or ticks) can cause scratching which results in random hair loss. Food allergies are considered the primary reason behind excessive hair loss in Chihuahuas. They can be allergic to various proteins in commercial dog foods and will experience abnormal shedding to them (as a side effect).

Poor Nutrition

A poor diet can also be the main reason for excess shedding in Chihuahuas. These pooches need a balanced diet including proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. But there are many commercial or even home-cooked diets, which do not have the required amount of these nutrients. So, using these diets can cause non-seasonal shedding.

White chihuahua laying next to a full bowl of dog food


Changes in your dog’s routine or environment or even a new baby can trigger stress hormones in Chihuahuas. This can cause excess shedding. Separation anxiety is quite common in Chihuahuas and can be one of the important reasons for causing abnormal shedding.

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What Can I Give My Dog to Stop Shedding?

Olive oil being poured into a bowl sitting on a wooden table surrounded by olive branches

You can give your dog a high-quality diet to stop shedding. It is one of the best ways to reduce excessive shedding in dogs because it deals with food allergies. Adding olive oil or flaxseed oil to your dog’s food can also help to reduce shedding. You can add about 0.17 ounces of oil for 10 pounds of body weight. These oils contain omega-3 fatty acids that help to pacify inflamed skin, reduce dandruff, and refine overall coat texture.

Occasionally, you can also give human foods like snacks, sliced apples (without seeds), bananas, and cucumbers to the dogs so that they can stay hydrated. These foods also contain healthy nutrients which help the coat of dogs to remain smooth and almost shedding-free. Other than that, you can also prevent your dog from shedding by giving regular grooming, brushing, or bathing to your dog.

How Do You Control Dog Hair in The House?

two long haired chihuahuas with their heads tilted sitting on a white couch

When it comes to controlling dog hairs from spreading to your home, it is the most tricky and important task for every dog owner. Some of the most effective ways to control dog hair in the house are discussed below.

Air Purifier

It is the best method to deal with dog hair to use an air purifier in your house. It might be costly but quite effective in preventing allergic reactions and taking care of dog hair. To work properly against dog hairs, you must change its filters often so that the air of your house will stay fresh and clean.

Use Cover or Mats

Couch covered in a pink and white couch cover

Covers are useful in controlling your dog’s hair on the interior of your house as you will place them on the furniture. Once the covers get full either you replace them or get them washed. Similarly, mats are used for floors and can be replaceable or changeable once you get a lot of hair on them. You can also vacuum them. Regular cleaning of the house can also help in controlling dog hair in the house.

Regular Dog Grooming

Just like the saying goes “Protection is better than cure.” So, to prevent uncontrolled dog shedding all over your house just opt for regular dog grooming. Use a grooming glove to peel and then throw hairs away which are stuck to it. Regular brushing and bathing with de-shedding shampoo will help to control dog hair in the house as well as prevent the dog from shedding.

Does Bathing a Dog Help with Shedding?

chihuahua standing on his hind legs in a bathtub

Bathing a dog can clean its coat and helps to remove lifeless hair. These hairs are often tangled with healthy hair which can be detangled by using de-shedding shampoos and conditioners. They contain moisturizers and Omega-3 fatty acids that hydrate your dog’s skin and can help in loosening and removing your dog’s excess undercoat. Thus, we can say that regular bathing and grooming can significantly help you to combat shedding.

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