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How to Brush a Poodle?

Small brown poodle being brushed

You must schedule some time to brush your dog if you are planning to bring a poodle home. These beautiful pups require regular brushing and grooming to maintain their adorable looks. Grooming is the best way to bond with your pooch and doing it daily will also make it easier to brush your poodle. Let’s discuss how we can brush a poodle without compromising his/her comfort.

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What Kind of Brush Do You Use on a Poodle?

You may need to use different kinds of brushes to maintain the looks of your dog. This is because poodles can have different types of coats and each one of them has its own requirements. Hence, it’s important to figure out and purchase a brush that works well for your pup’s fur. Some of the dog brushes that are usually used on a poodle are discussed below.

Slicker Brush

A slicker brush is the most common brush that is recommended for grooming a poodle. It is made up of thin wire bristles that can comb through the coat without scratching your dog’s skin. Therefore, a lot of people regard it as the best dog brush for grooming.

Pin Brush

A pin brush is similar to a typical human brush. It is also used in the same way as a slicker brush. However, a pin brush is more effective to clean out the dirt and debris from a poodle’s coat.

Shedding Brush

Poodles don’t shed too much and this is the reason why they are regarded as hypoallergenic. However, if you want to minimize the shedding (even more), shedding brushes can be helpful. They are designed with metal teeth to collect the hair that your dog may shed. Hence, it helps in eliminating the loose hair from your poodle’s coat.

How Do You Brush a Poodle at Home?

Fancy poodle being groomed by a groomer

The following steps can help you to brush your poodle at home.

Moisturize the Hair

Although it is an optional step, misting your poodle’s coat with a high-quality spray conditioner can be quite useful. It re-hydrates the hair and makes the brush a lot more easy and comfortable. Likewise, it can also detangle and restore sheen to the hair. If you don’t have any quality conditioner, plain water in a misting bottle can also be used.

Brush Your Poodle

  • Make your poodle settle on a grooming table or any other table that allows you to reach him/her easily.
  • Now, start the brushing process by making your pup stand up and untangle his/her coat.
  • First, you have to examine the legs and hindquarters of your poodle. Use the pin brush to brush the legs. This will loosen dirt and help in discovering any tangles.
  • While brushing, stroke the brush from close to the skin towards the tip of the hair.
  • After brushing the legs, brush the tail, upper body, and ears in the same way. Command your poodle to lie down for brushing these parts.

Removal of Tangles and Mats

Small black poodle being combed

Once you have completed the initial brushing, you are all set to find the mats.

  • Divide the coat of each part (head, face, ears, legs, and body) of your poodle into small sections. This will make it easier to locate a tangled area.
  • When you find such an area, spray some conditioner on the tangle and use your fingers to untie any loose hair.
  • Then, use a shedding brush to pick the tangles with its end teeth. You can also use a metal comb that has metal teeth.
  • Start from the fringes of the tangle and work towards the center of the matted fur. Lift the teeth of the comb in and out of the hair without pulling.
  • After that, use a slicker brush for brushing large tangles at each section of every body part.
  • Use the brush in different directions to loosen the mats.
  • Once it is done, pick up the tangles with the metal comb.
  • Lastly, brush the whole coat with the metal comb and loosen any tiny knots which were missed.

Collect Remaining Loose Hair

In the end, it’s important to use a bristle brush and gather the cottony fine hairs that the comb missed. This brush will also facilitate in removing dust and debris. You can also spread the natural oils throughout the coat by using this brush.

How Often Should You Brush Your Poodle?

Close up of a calendar with the pages being flipped.

You can brush your pooch daily, especially if he/she spends a lot of time outside. Otherwise, brushing two to three times per week is enough for a poodle. This will keep the mats and tangles to a minimum.

Regular brushing also stimulates circulations and helps to distribute the natural skin oil. This is quite beneficial to keep the skin healthy. Frequent brushing will also maintain the beautiful looks of your poodle.

Should I Brush My Poodle Dry or Wet?

You should always brush your poodle when his/her hair are dry. This is because wet hair can make mats worse and then it is very difficult to remove them. Brushing a dry coat will also help the hair to become softer and fluffier.

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