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How To Clean Pug Ears

Person holding a Pug's ear open

Big ears are a problem. The different dog breeds that have large ears always end up with ear problems. Those larger ears, Pugs included, just do not get the airflow to keep them dry and clean.

Because these larger, folded ears do not get that airflow your Pug may have moisture, bacteria, and dirt lodged inside. This makes cleaning those ears essential for your Pug to remain healthy.

The process to clean your pug’s ear is to first drop some cleaning solution inside, massage that fluid around, and then use a cotton ball to clean out the mess. It is not a hard process, it just takes time to get the work done.

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Do Pugs Need Their Ears Cleaned?

Yes, they do. The reason you have to clean your Pug’s ears is that they fold down, blocking any airflow and trapping dirt, and moisture inside. With the dirt comes moisture and bacteria. Two elements that are not good for your pug’s ears.

What makes this process difficult is that Pugs are like other dog breeds. They just do not like it when someone plays with their ears. They may fight a lot or make it hard for you to access their ears.

That is why you need to put them on a table or counter. The dog can’t run away when you put them up high enough from the floor. Be gentle about doing the ear cleaning.

That will help your pet endure the process and hopefully, help them become used to it and they settle down the next time you have to clean their ears. Being rough on your pet at this time is one way to have them fight harder the next time you try to protect their health.

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How Often Do You Clean Pugs’ Ears?

Pug having ears checked at the vet

This is not a daily activity. You may not have the time to do this every day because of your schedule. That is okay. It does take a little time for the dirt and moisture to build up inside those Pug ears.

When you own a Pug, you should check its ears regularly but clean them once every two to four weeks. The time frame will depend on how dirty those ears get.

When you clean their ears, make sure to wipe between the folds of their skin. That is another area where dirt, etc., gets trapped and can cause some health problems for your pet.

Then if your pet likes to swim or gets lots of baths, you should keep an ear cleaner on hand to clean those ears out after they are finished swimming or bathing. You want to get rid of any excess moisture as quickly as possible.

When you go to clean your Pug’s ears, do not use water. Use the appropriate ear-cleaning liquid your vet recommends.

Why Do My Pugs’ Ears Stink?        

Person with blue gloved hands looking into a Pug's ear

Pugs are great pets but they are known for having ears that give off a foul odor. Don’t panic, this is a natural and normal activity and usually, it lets you know when your pet needs its ears cleaned.

The odor comes from the brown or black wax build-up most Pugs have. Cleaning their ears will remove that wax and clean out that odor. How to tell if the build-up is bad? Here are a few clues to help you:

  • They are irritated when you touch their ears since they are so sensitive.
  • Excessive head shaking.
  • They were rubbing their head against the floor.
  • Musty odor that may be caused by a yeast infection in the ear canal.
  • Discoloration of the skin just beneath the ear’s fold.
  • Discharge from the ear that is waxy, yellow, or reddish-brown.

Also, this foul odor can come from dirty ears, ears that have mites in them, or your Pug has an infection. Don’t always assume it is coming from the ear wax build-up.

To avoid the smell, make sure their ears are cleaned regularly, the ears are dry, and there is no hair build-up inside the ear.

Some Final Words

person holding open a Pug's ear with one hand while pointing into the ear with a finger from the other hand.

Pugs are one of those dog breeds that are vulnerable to ear issues. You need to keep them clean and dry to help avoid any problems with infections, mites, and so on.

Regular cleaning will make sure your pug stays healthy and does not have any ear trouble.

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