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Best Dog Food For A Pug

Pug sitting at a table staring at a bowl of dogfood

This is a tough question. Pugs are vulnerable to many different illnesses and allergies, which makes it difficult to find the right dog food for them. Some of those allergies include skin allergies, contact allergies, inhalant allergies, and food allergies.

The latter often present themselves through the other three options on that list. The way to lower their risk of food and other allergies is to lower the number of ingredients in their food.

That makes it tough to feed Pugs. But one of the best dog foods you can serve your Pug is fresh food made from healthy ingredients in your kitchen.

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Should Pugs Be On A Grain-Free Diet?

Not really. They should be able to have different grains in their diet unless your Pug has an allergy to specific grains. Then you should remove that ingredient and pick a dog food that does not contain it.

There has been some concern that a grain-free diet has caused many dogs to develop dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM). A large portion of the dogs developing this disease was on grain-free diets.

However, further studies have failed to pinpoint any connection between eating a grain-free diet and this disease. Most of these dogs were on what is called a BEG diet which stands for boutique companies, exotic ingredients, & grain free.

Once this diet was ended, the dogs improved and overcame the disease. With this information, it is better to stick to regular dog food companies, traditional ingredients, and include grains, unless allergic, so your Pug remains healthier and does not contract this disease.

Taurine is also given to the dogs to help them defeat this disease. Watching what your dog eats and not caving to fad diets is essential if you want a healthy pet.

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Should Pugs Have Dry Or Wet Food?

Black pug holding a metal dogfood bowl in its mouth

An all-wet dog food diet while nutritious is not the best diet to put your Pug on. Unless you are going to brush its teeth after every meal, wet dog food can harm your pug’s teeth.

Pugs do not need a lot of food but the food they are given should be as nutritious as possible. The Pug still needs nutrition to stay healthy. You can get this in both wet and dry dog food.

The best way to feed your Pug would be to give them a combination of the two with a heavier emphasis on the dry. That is unless your dog can’t chew anymore or has trouble eating dry dog food.

In those situations, it is best to put them on a wet dog food diet. The key is to make sure your pug has a well-balanced diet. If the brand you are using is well-known, then follow the feeding instructions on the packaging.

That way you know your pug is getting the nutrition they need. Or you can make your own dog food from the best ingredients possible. Just make sure none of those ingredients are bad for your pet.

What Should A Pug Eat In A Day?  

pug eating from a light blue dog bowl with dog food spilled onto the floors

The go-to answer is a well-balanced, nutritious diet is what a Pug should eat. The good news is that you can reach that objective through a variety of foods. You are free to design your own diet for your Pug as long as your pet gets the nutrition it needs.

This means you can put them on a diet of homemade dog food as long as the ingredients are healthy for your dog. You can give raw vegetables as a treat throughout the day as well.

Or you can go with a good brand of dry dog food that has all the nutrition included already. The drawback to this option will be any preservatives and other non-food ingredients dog food makers use to make sure the product is healthy for your pet and lasts a long time.

Finally, you can feed your Pug wet dog food. It is easy for them to eat plus usually, the moist dog food is full of nutrition as well. The same drawback that comes with dry dog food, applies here also. What you feed your dog is up to you.

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Some Final Words

Pug puppy laying in a dogfood bowl

Pugs have big appetites and you have to be careful what you feed them. They can easily get overweight by eating too much good food. Not only is picking the right food important but watch the number of times you feed your pug and how much food you give them.

You want to keep them slim and trim so they have a great life.

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