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How To Stop A Pug From Shedding

Pug sitting on a persons lap being brushed

Dogs shed and Pugs are dogs thus they will shed. This is another never-ending worry. Pugs are like all other dogs and leave their gifts of hair all over your nice clean furniture and carpets.

If you do not like shedding dogs, then you may want to consider a black Pug. This version of the Pug only has a single coat and does not shed as much as the other colors found in this dog breed.

Pugs are generally double-coat dogs so they will have their shedding seasons making a mess of your home. There are ways of controlling the shedding through diet and other methods.

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Do Pugs Ever Stop Shedding?

If you were looking for a positive answer, then we are sorry to disappoint you. Pugs basically never stop shedding. Even though they have double coats and two shedding seasons, they get rid of their dog hair all year round.

Their double coat is the source of this never-ending battle with loose dog hair. It will be a pain in your side for as long as you own your pug. It is just the way genetics work.

If it were a single-coat dog like the black Pug, then you may get a break from the shedding. But the Pug, in general, just has too much fur and it needs to get rid of it.

If you own one of the lighter-colored Pugs it might be a good idea to invest in some good vacuum attachments that pick up those loose dog hairs quickly and easily.

Or put your dog on a regular grooming schedule to help lower the amount of hair you see around the house. But be forewarned, if you want a Pug as a pet, the shedding will become a part of your life.

Are Pugs High Shedding?

Person holding up dog brush full of dog hair after brushing a pug

Yes, they are. The reason for this label is that the light-colored pugs come with a double coat. If you are not sure what a double coat is, that means there is a shorter inner coat that comes out in the winter to help keep your dog nice and warm.

Then there is a longer over coat that helps protect your dog from the heat, rain, and other elements. That longer over coat also helps your Pug look great. There is a big BUT here to consider.

Not all shedding done by Pugs is natural. There are other reasons why your dog sheds so much especially when it is out of shedding season.

  1. Allergies– Pugs are vulnerable to allergies and some of the triggers can be cleaning products, pollen, pest bites, and more. If the Pug is licking himself more and shedding then you know there is an allergy problem.
  2. Hormonal Cycles– If you have not spayed your female, their times of being ‘in heat’ can cause some shedding to take place. She may shed a lot more towards the end of her cycle than she would at the beginning.
  3. Age- As they grow older Pug puppies will start shedding more. Then when they become adults, they continue that heavy shedding practice for life.

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How To Control Your Pug’s Shedding

Pug laying on hardwood floors with a grooming glove, dog hair, and a comb

While you cannot stop your Pug from shedding, there are things you can do to control it. These methods let you be in control of where that loose hair falls.

  1. Buy Some Good Tools– This can be by buying good lint rollers to pick up that hair or by getting a better vacuum cleaner. You will want one that is designed to pick up pet hair.
  2. Grooming– Putting your Pug on a regular grooming schedule. Using items like de-shedding brushes, etc., helps you control where your Pug sheds. You can keep that loose hair in one location making it easier to clean up. Depending on your individual Pug, you can do this schedule once a week or on a daily basis. Also, try grooming outside to make sure the loose hair stays out of your home.
  3. Regular Baths– These are perfect to control that loose hair. You can scrub those loose hairs away and let them go down the drain. After a bath, make sure to thoroughly dry your Pug before they do it on your clean bedspread or furniture.
  4. Diet– Feeding your dog a high-nutrition-filled meal every mealtime is another way to control those loose hairs. Make sure to fill their water bowl frequently with nice cool water. You can use supplements as well.
  5. Prevent Fleas And Ticks– These creatures can bite and cause your Pug to lose its fur through a variety of means. Keeping your pet flea and tick-free helps them keep their hair longer.

Some Final Words

Close up of a person cuddling a pug

Shedding is a dog owner’s fact of life. You need to get used to it as it will always happen. While you can’t stop the shedding, you can take the right steps to control it.

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