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Dogs Similar To Pugs  

Portrait of a Pug on a white background

It may come as a surprise, if you thought the Pug was the only dog breed with that type of face, think again. There seem to be quite a few dog breeds that look similar to the pug breed.

The good part of this similarity is that they all make great house pets and love their families. So buckle up and read about the different dog breeds that are similar to a Pug.

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10 Dog Breeds Similar To Pugs

1. French Bulldogs

Portrait of 4 French Bulldog puppies on a white background

Sometimes called Frenchies, this is a well-traveled dog breed. Its country of origin is somewhere in ancient Asia but the Phoenicians liked them so much that they brought this dog breed to Europe.

The other interesting fact about this dog breed is that their original size may have been as large as the Mastiff. But they still make great pets.

2. Boston Terrier

Portrait of a Boston Terrier on a white background

Named after that famed colonial city, this dog breed has quite a few similarities to the Pug. Their size and weight are almost identical to the Pug making them a great dog to own when you live in tiny spaces.

While originally bred as a fighting dog, this dog breed sports the same type of stubby nose as the Pug.

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3. English Bulldog

Portrait of 3 English Bulldogs on a white background

A tough-looking dog breed that does not take anything from anyone including other dog breeds. This breed shares many of the same health issues as the Pug while looking like a slightly larger version of that latter dog breed.

Their snorting and snoring help this dog work its way into the hearts of potential owners. They are also laid-back companions.

4. Dogue de Bordeaux

Portrait of an adult and a puppy Dogue de Bordeaux on a white background

In looking at them you may wonder why it is on this list. This is a huge dog and one of the oldest French dog breeds available today. But it is their face that brings out the similarity between this dog and the pug.

It is a great dog breed that is loyal and gentle with its family and it can weigh up to 140 pounds.

5. Pekingese

Portrait of a Pekingese on a white background

You might call this dog breed the hippy version of the pug. They have the same type of personality but much longer hair than the Pug. Along with their personality, they do not like or need a lot of exercises and do not like the hot weather.

They can also get overweight very easily, just like the Pug can.

6. Japanese Chin

A Japanese Chin on a white background

Another small and hairy dog breed that has a similar face to the Pug. It is a great pet that likes to get into mischief. They also come with big personalities that may make it hard to train.

These dogs are known to be free-thinkers and will create their own routine if they are dissatisfied with yours.

7. Daug

This unique pet is a cross between a Pug and a Dachshund. The body may display the dachshund side of the family but the face expresses the Pug side. Also, a very laid-back dog breed, this dog cross still has the shorter snout.

They are very loyal and affectionate dogs because they are bred from two very good dog breeds.

8. Tibetan Spaniel

 Tibetan Spaniel on a white background

There is a little similarity between this ancient dog breed and the Pug. One of those similarities is its ancient roots. Originating in Tibet, this dog shares the ancient Asian heritage with the Pug as well as some of its other qualities.

It has about the same height, weight, and life expectancy as the pug so you can enjoy this unique long-haired dog breed for over a decade.

9. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel on a white background

Again, it will be the face that brings you to see some resemblance between these two dog breeds. This is a very devoted dog breed that is very loyal and even-tempered.

This dog breed is a favorite of many royal families. They just may not be as brave as you want them to be as they were known to hide under Queen Elizabeth I’s skirts.

10. Designer dog breeds

Puggle on a white background

This is the label given to those dogs that are bred with a Pug. The good news is that they carry some of the better characteristics of the Pug.

Some Final Words

If you can’t get a hold of a Pug in your area, these other dog breeds are great replacements. They all make great pets and have a lot of the same characteristics as the Pug has.

Plus, they eat like a Pug saving you money in dog food costs.

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