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How To Train A Pug

Black pug puppy sitting in grass with one paw in the air

There will be many opinions on this topic. When you get your little Pug, be prepared for all the free advice that will be sent your way by other dog owners. They all have their own special method they prefer and expect you to follow their ideas.

The trick is to go through these ‘suggestions’ and find the best options for you and your dog. Every dog is different and they respond to training in different ways.

What is the constant factor in all of the training methods is that you should be patient, use positive reinforcement and avoid negative training actions. Take your time as well so your pet can learn better.

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Are Pugs Easy To Train?

The answer to this question is that it depends on your individual Pug. Each dog is different and they all have their distinct personalities that make training some easier than others.

What makes training some Pugs more difficult is the fact that they can be stubborn. No matter what you do, they just want to do things their own way. This attitude takes a long time to break.

The good side of training a Pug is that many dogs in this breed love to please their masters. That attitude makes training go faster and a lot more fun. The key to training a Pug is to understand its motivation.

These dogs learn because one, they want your affection, and two, they want the treat reward when they are successful. Incorporating those two motivators should make it easier for you to train your pug.

Every dog owner will tell you the same thing, the best training method is the positive approach. It may take time to get your Pug to learn what you want them to learn but once they do, all the effort seems worth it.

What Is The Fastest Way To Train A Pug Puppy?

Tan pug puppy looking up at the camera

Some say that crate training is the fastest way for your dog to learn. In many cases this is true but it is not the only method you can use that works quickly. Crates are okay for some dogs but not all of them.

Confinement is similar to crate training but your Pug gets more access to you and the house. This may be easier on them mentally. Until they are trained, you will want to confine your dog to one area so your house remains clean.

Then being consistent in your training is the fastest way to train a Pug or any dog breed. Being consistent helps the dog learn faster and keeps them from being confused. Confusion is a hindrance to training.

That means that if you are not the only family member training your new Pug, the other family members have to do their portion of the training in the same way that you do.

Consistency is the fastest method as the dog learns the same thing over and over from different family members. Once they learn, you can move on to more complicated lessons.

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How To Train A Pug

Woman kneeling outdoors in shade to train a pug

The steps or methods are basically the same for all dog breeds. They just need to be tweaked to meet your dog’s distinct personality and characteristics. Here are some steps to guide your training of your new Pug.

  • 1. Use commands and words that are easy to understand- dogs do not have human-type brains and can only learn so much. Make learning easier by making your commands easy.
  • 2. Pick A Potty Training Method- This can be crate training, potty pads, or the old-fashioned newspapers on the floor. Whichever one you pick, stick with it and do not change mid-stream.
  • 3. Use Mealtime As A Potty Training Clue- Most puppies need to pee within 15 minutes of eating or drinking. They will need to poop within 30 minutes so use their meal times to help you potty train them and get them outside as often as possible.
  • 4. When Potty Training, Learn The Signs- They will be sniffing around for a good spot, turning in circles, looking restless and anxious, and looking to go to the bathroom in their previous spots.
  • Watch for those signs so you know when to take your pet outside.
  • 5. Use Rewards And Praise- This will let your puppy know that they did it right and these items should reinforce your training and their behavior.

Keep in mind that it may take a few months for your dog to learn where they need to go to the potty. Some dogs take up to 6 months before they learn so be patient.

Once they learn that success becomes your biggest reward.

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Some Final Words

Portrait of a pug puppy outdoors

Training a Pug is like training any other dog breed. You need to be patient, consistent, and be positive to make sure you get the desired results. Once they are trained, you can bask in your accomplishment and feel good.

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