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How To Take Care Of A Pug

Pug being petted by 2 hands

Pugs are special. It is not because they are unique but because they belong to the brachycephalic breed of the dog family. Their short noses and different respiratory passage make caring for your Pug different from other dog breeds.

There are certain things you need to do with this dog breed that you may not have to do with other ones. One of those extra activities is to dog-proof your home. Pugs love to chew and investigate with their mouths. Make sure they can’t grab something they are not supposed to have.

Another will be to groom your Pug regularly and on time. Pugs are vulnerable to infections, and eye issues and are heavy shedders. You want to make sure they remain clean so they remain healthy.

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Are Pugs Easy To Take Care Of?

Generally, they are an easy dog breed to take care of. But Pugs need special attention in areas that other dog breeds do not have to worry about. Part of that care is to make sure they eat a proper diet.

What makes this special is that Pugs have big appetites and can easily get overweight. You have to watch their food intake to make sure they do not get too fat.

Then while they do not need a lot of exercise, they still need exercise. You will have to make some room in your schedule to make sure your Pug is exercised every day.

Also, you have to watch out for eye and ear issues as well as their breathing problem. Special attention is needed to make sure your Pug gets the right kind of care. That care will help them live long and happy lives making sure they are with your family for many years.

Are Pugs OK To Be Left Alone?

Pug with eyes opened wide looking at the camera

Each dog is different and when your pet gets used to your and your family’s schedule they should be okay to be left alone. However, that alone time should not be for hours on end.

Pugs like socialization and they love being with their families, so they do not like it when they are the forgotten member of the family. They are bred to be companions to humans and that is what the Pug lives for.

But, schedules and daily lives are what they are. This means that you will have to start training your Pug when they are puppies. This training will help them adjust to being alone and make it easier for those times you are gone for a few hours.

The amount of hours your Pug can be alone depends on a few factors. Those factors include:

  • Age of your Pug
  • Level of training
  • Temperament
  • Anxiety levels

The general rule of thumb is to make sure your Pug is not alone for more than 4 hours at a time. But this is a subjective estimate and some Pugs can be alone for 6 to 10 hours if properly trained.

If your Pug is a puppy, then try to make sure that you keep their alone time shorter than one hour. That will be the upper limit for your puppy to be alone.

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What Care Does A Pug Need?

Pug laying on a tan couch with a colorful pillow in the background

There are specific things you can do and are needed if your Pug is going to be healthy and live a long time. Here are some tips to guide you:

  1. Make sure they get proper ear, eye, and skin care. You will need to clean their wrinkles, as well as their ears and eyes.
  2. Make sure they have healthy food and lots of fresh water in their bowls.
  3. Use a harness, not a collar. This is due to their brachycephalic category. Any dog accessory you use on your Pug should not hinder their breathing.
  4. Use a slow feeder- Pugs do tend to bloat when they eat and drink too fast. Measure their food out so they do not harm themselves when they eat or drink.
  5. Make sure to clean out their food and water bowls regularly. Their saliva and food particles that drip into either one can keep them from eating or drinking. Then your Pug gets dehydrated, etc., and that causes some problems for you. You also have to watch out for mold and bacteria in the food bowls.
  6. Pugs are vulnerable to the changing seasons. Their care will depend on how hot or cold it is outside.

Some Final Words

Pug sitting on couch covered in a blanket

Taking care of a Pug is a little more involved than with other dog breeds. But these dogs are worth every minute of the special care they get. Take some time to learn more about how to care for your Pug so that he or she will be happy living with you.

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