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How to Train Your Chihuahua to Sit

Fawn colored chihuahua sitting on a peach colored background.

Some owners skip training.This is a common issue when it comes to Chihuahuas. Their owners think that because the dog is so small, training is not needed. Or they are too scared to face the resistance some Chihuahuas put up when it is time to learn.

It is true that some Chihuahuas are stubborn and hard to train. But if you want to build trust between you and your pet, then you need to train them. Start with the easy things first, like ‘sit’.

Training your Chihuahua to sit should not take a long time. They just have to learn and using treats is a great way to get their attention. Just be ready for any of the challenges your Chihuahua throws your way.

They can be stubborn and very independent. This means they will do what they want after the training is over.

To learn how to do that simple training act, just keep reading. Our article provides this information for you.

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How to Train Your Chihuahua to Sit

The first step is in deciding how to train your dog. There are different methods you can use. These methods include using a clicker or using your voice. The following information will cover the steps in both methods:

1.      The Voice Command

Step 1- Sit Down with Your Dog In Front Of You

Step 2- Take a few minutes to play with him or her so they get the idea that this is a good thing. Or pet them for a few minutes to achieve the same concept.

Step 3- As you are petting your pet, gently use your hand to press down on their rear quarters. Your other hand should be gently pushing up on their chest.

Step 4- As you are putting your pet in the sit position, say ‘sit’.

Step 5- Reward him or her with a small treat even though you are helping them sit.

Step 6- Practice and practice. Don’t forget to give him or her small rewards every time they do it right.

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2.      The Clicker Method

Green clicker keychain held up by a human hand in front of a white background.

The process is slightly different here than the voice command method.

Step 1 – Get everything ready. Have your clicker, treats, and if you need their leash and collar.

Step 2 – Show your dog the treat and let them sniff it. Do not let them have it at this time. Your pet may sit on its own just to get that treat.

Step 3 – When he or she does sit on their own click your clicker and give him or her the treat.

Step 4 – Practice and Practice. Make sure you have enough small treats on hand to reward your pet. Make sure not to use your voice but use the clicker instead.

Step 5 – It is okay to use a hand signal instead of a clicker. Incorporate that signal with your practice with the clicker. Pick the best hand signal for both of you, use it, say sit and click the clicker when they sit.

It will take some time but eventually, you can use the signal without the voice command and vice versa.

3.      The Treat Method

Hand holding a treat up to 2 chihuahuas

This is an honorable mention, and it may be more effective for some people than the other options. It is as easy as the others but it involves more food so make those treats a bit smaller, so you do not overfeed your puppy.

Step 1 – Sit on the floor with your Chihuahua and play with him or her for a few minutes. Give your dog some treats at this time.

Step 2 – After that step, make your puppy work for their treat. Let them see the treat and wait for them to stop. If he or she sits right away, give them the treat.

If not, hold the treat above their head, getting it to move up and forcing your puppy to sit. When that happens give them the treat.

Step 3 – Practice this often and start using the command when they sit automatically so your dog learns what the words mean.

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One Great Tip for Training Chihuahuas

Fawn colored chihuahua sitting on a park bench.

The way to get the best results when you start training your pet is to use a distraction-free room. Things like a television set being on, people walking nearby, curtains open, etc., all create interesting distractions that help your dog lose focus.

Chihuahuas do have a short attention span thus keeping distractions away will make your training time more effective. Keep the training restricted to the inside of your home where you can control the environment and keep distractions away.

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