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How to Train a Chihuahua Not to Bark

White chihuahua on a leash standing on a sidewalk barking

Barking is normal, and while people do not like the sound, barking is a dog’s form of communication. It acts as a warning system for both owners and intruders as well as letting owners know their barking pet may have a problem.

Yet, some dogs bark too much and for no real reason. Training your Chihuahua to not bark can help you have peace of mind when you are at home. After all, no one likes to have angry neighbors calling them about a barking dog.

Take a few moments to see how you can train your Chihuahua to not bark.

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Why Dogs Bark

There are appropriate and inappropriate times for dogs to bark. It is not the former that is the problem but the latter situations that cause the problems. Here are some of the reasons Chihuahuas bark:

Appropriate Times

  1. Warning you when someone is approaching
  2. Warning someone to stay away
  3. Needs to go outside
  4. Needs to have food or water

These are times that should not be discouraged.

Inappropriate Times

  1. Pedestrians walking by the house on the sidewalk
  2. Cars passing by
  3. When your guests are in your home
  4. At postmen, newspaper boys, and other service people
  5. At neighbors or other animals
  6. At objects like the vacuum cleaner, broom, etc
  7. And more

These are the times barking should be discouraged and why your Chihuahua needs some anti-barking training. The situations mentioned above can interfere with your life and cause you to lose some sleep.

Just like bigger dogs, Chihuahuas can be trained, too. Check out our post “How to Train Your Chihuahua to Sit’ to get started.

How to Stop Your Dog from Barking

Long haired white chihuahua sitting in grass with its head tilted back barking.

There are different methods you can employ. Some are good while others are not so good. Both will be included here to tell why the negative methods are not that good to use.

Teach The Speak Command

This trains your puppy to only bark when they are commanded to speak. If your pet barks when you say speak, reward him or her with a treat.

Teach The Quiet Command

This is usually done after you teach the speak command. It tells your pet when they should not bark. Reward them if they obey the command.

Positive Reinforcement

Several chihuahuas with one on its hind legs receiving a treat

This involves not yelling at your dog to be quiet or giving them more attention. Sometimes their barking is to get your attention and you should not reward that behavior. Reward them when they are silent when they normally bark.

Make Sure They Get Plenty of Exercise

A lack of physical exercise is a source of incessant barking. Their barking is a way to get rid of pent-up energy that regular exercise would remove.

Walk them for 30 minutes each day or play physically active games with your Chihuahua like tug of war, fetch, and so on.

Be Consistent

Do the same thing each time in your training, so your dog learns what they are supposed to do. Make sure all family members know the training method and how and when to do it.

Do Not Use a Muzzle

Black dog muzzle isolated on a white background.

This won’t cure the behavior and it will interfere with panting, eating, and drinking. Those are activities your pet should be doing.

Don’t Reward Bad Behavior

If your dog fails to follow its training, do not give them a reward. Any type of reward including giving them a toy to play with encourages more barking.

No Shock Collars Are Allowed

These devices do not know the difference between when to bark and when not to bark. Plus, they can hurt your dog causing 2nd and 3rd-degree burns. Finally, they are not always effective and do not produce desired results.

Do Not Use Spray Collars

While not as dangerous as shock collars, they can cause harm to the dog’s eyes and nasal passages.

Block What Causes the Barking

Long haired brown and white chihuahua looking out of a window

For example, if your Chihuahua barks at people, cars, and animals outside of the house while looking in the window, close the curtains, or block their view somehow.

This is a temporary solution as are other options like turning the TV or radio louder when cars pull in the driveway. Plus, you may not be close enough to do those tricks and your pet will bark anyways.

Some Final Words

Training your dog not to bark is sometimes like telling the ocean water to stop coming to the shore. It is a natural thing for dogs to bark and stopping that act is not always easy. But with the right method and patience, you can keep your Chihuahua from barking and disturbing the neighbors.

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