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How to Trim a Bulldog’s Nails

English Bulldog standing in grass

Bulldogs are unique and that uniqueness shows up in how their face looks. But no matter what you think of that face as ugly or pretty, Bulldogs need their nails cut. Like every other dog taking time to clip those nails to length helps them live better lives.

This chore can take a long time if your dog resists or it can be painless and take a short time. It is all up to how you handle and train your pet and if your Bulldog likes his nails trimmed or not.

How Short Should Bulldog Nails Be

There is a standard length the Bulldog’s nails need to be cut. But you do not have to cut it to that standard if you do not want to. The standard is set by what is called ‘the quick’ and it is a vulnerable part of your dog’s paw.

The quick tells you where to stop and if you don’t then your bulldog will feel some pain and never want its nails cut again. You do not have to cut that close, though.

You can take tiny pieces of the nail off and stop well away from that paw part. The key is to make sure the nails are not still too long and cause your Bulldog some discomfort when walking.

To get good at this chore, you should train your dog when they are young. That way they will be relaxed enough as they get older and not fight you when you pull that nail grinder out of the drawer.

Also, you need to build up your confidence by practicing before you do your first nail clip on your puppy. Just keep in mind that accidents will happen, and you will cut the quick at some point in time.

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Why Cut Your Bulldog’s Nails

Bulldog with its paw in a person's hand

There are several good reasons why you need to cut their nails often. It is said that you should cut them every week or every other week. But when you hear that clicking sound on your floors, you know you need to cut them right away. Here are those reasons why you need to cut your dog’s nails:

Bulldog Nails Can Grow Faster Than Other Dog Breeds

The reason for this situation is that a Bulldog generally does not get the same amount of exercise as other dog breeds.

The exercise time, walking, playing, etc., usually helps wear the nails down but not in this case.

The Nails Can Become Ingrown

If you do not cut regularly, those nails can get so long that they curve underneath and enter your dog’s paws. This is very painful, and you may have to go to the vet to get the ail removed from the paw.

English bulldog walking on a sidewalk next to a person

They Change the Way Your Dog Walks

This change can put stress and pressure on their legs and joints. Plus, the pain they feel by stepping on those long nails can be excruciating for your dog.

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Long Nails Can Get Caught

When those nails get too long, it is possible for your Bulldog to snag them on the carpet, cloth furniture, and so on. When that happens, the nail can twist causing your dog more pain or pulling the nail out.

Either way, your dog will be in a lot of pain and in need of medical attention. Also, there is the possibility that your dog will end up with a toe fracture or worse.

Cutting Your Dog’s Nails

Bulldog getting its nails trimmed on a white background

One of the keys to trimming those long nails is to make sure you and your pet are comfortable. Some pros advise you to go to a room that your dog likes. Others will say to get on the floor with your pet, but the best way is to have your Bulldog on a table where you do not have to bend so much to work.

The table helps you restrain your pet if they resist too much. Next, keep your tools and medical supplies nearby. You do not want to reach far to get them especially when the blood starts to flow.

Now, clip those nails and you can use a grinder, cutter, or scissors. Use a nail file to round off sharp edges. Cut one nail at a time and one paw at a time. It is a little slow, but this is the best method to use.

Finally, reward your Bulldog when they behave well throughout the procedure.

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Some Final Words

Bulldog outdoors sitting in grass

Trimming your bulldog’s nails is not hard. You just have to do each step carefully and patiently. Keep some treats handy so you can reward your good boy or girl throughout the task.

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