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How to Trim a French Bulldog’s Nails

French bulldog puppy having its nails trimmed

Dogs are dogs, by that, it is meant that many grooming techniques are the same from breed to breed. How you trim the nails of one dog breed will be the same for another. The difference comes in with the personalities of each individual dog.

You have to alter your technique according to your dog’s personality, not their breed. When it is time to clip or cut your dog’s nails, some dogs are fine with it, and others are not.

How your French Bulldog will react to this task will be up to its personality, likes, and dislikes.

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How Short Should French Bulldog Nails Be

In this situation, how short you cut the nails on your French Bulldog will depend on you and your ability to cut nails, as well as how long you want them to be. You can cut them short, almost to the quick, or you can just trim a little off each time.

The length will depend on how frequently you want to trim your pet’s nails. The recommended time is once every 3 weeks maximum. In other words, you should not trim them any sooner than that.

If you do cut them shorter than average, then you would have to trim those nails every 2 weeks or even sooner. If you are confident in your abilities to trim nails to the right length, then cut them close to the quick.

That will give you a few extra weeks off from doing this duty. But keep your ears open as you will need to hear those tiny clicks on the floor or concrete sidewalks. Those sounds tell you it is time to clip again.

You are always free to clip those nails before you hear those sounds. Use your best judgment on this issue.

How to Cut Those Nails

Brindle French Bulldog being held by a woman in a red shirt getting its nails clipped while squeezing its eyes shut
  1. Find a safe, secure, and relaxing spot where both of you can be comfortable
  2. Make sure you have all the tools you are going to use next to you and within easy reach
  3. Cut carefully. If you are taking a lot off do so in short cuts and not one big one unless you are very experienced at clipping nails. Make sure to stop before you cut the quick.
  4. Use a file to help smooth out those sharp edges. This will protect your dog from scratching itself and causing some bleeding
  5. Cut one nail at a time taking your time to make sure you cut properly. Also, go one paw at a time.
  6. Give a reward to your dog and a few words of praise when they do not cause you a lot of hassle during this process.

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Some French Bulldog Nail Cutting Tips

Nail clippers, dog treats, cotton pads, and cotton swabs on a towel next to a French Bulldog

Here are a few tips you need to listen to as they will help guide your work:

  1. Make nail clipping a normal activity so your dog does not stress out
  2. Keep calm and do not let your dog pick up on your nervousness
  3. Always use the right tool for the job and keep those blades nice and sharp
  4. Never cut the nail to the base. You will hurt your pet if you do
  5. Never panic if you happen to cut the quick. Just put some medication on it, stop the bleeding and continue to do your work

Things You Should Know Before Trimming Those Nails

Black French Bulldogs paw in a humans hand
  1. French Bulldogs’ nails grow faster than other dog breeds. The reason for this is said to be that French Bulldogs are not as active as other dogs.
  2. Like other dog breeds, you need to trim those nails regularly or they can curve and become ingrown nails requiring the aid of a vet.
  3. Make sure to use the best nail clippers, scissors, or grinders. The better the equipment the better the experience for you and your pet.
  4. If you do not have any confidence in trimming those nails, go to a professional groomer to get it done.
  5. Also, if you are not confident enough to clip those nails in one shot, trim off tiny pieces and make 2 or 3 cuts instead.
  6. If you do not trim those nails, your dog’s paw can get infected, or the nails can cause limping or if too long and in the wrong place, the nail can get caught and twist the paw causing a lot of pain.

Some Final Words

Black dog paw on a piece of red fabric

The key to trimming your French Bulldog’s paw is to have confidence, not be nervous, and reward him or her when they do good. If you are not sure about the first two keys, go to your local groomer and have them do it for you.

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