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How To Trim a Yorkie Face 2

Small Yorkie standing on a black table being trimmed with scissors

It is always a pleasure to look at a Yorkie that has been well taken care of and well-groomed. They look so cute and adorable when their hair is nicely trimmed around their face.

To groom a Yorkie properly, you will need a good set of tools. Sharp scissors, clippers, a brush, and a lot of patience. It takes time to groom the face of a Yorkie as you have to be slow and careful around their eyes, ears, and snout.

To get the right idea on how to trim or groom the face of a Yorkie, just keep reading our article. It has the information you want to know about before you take on this task.

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How Do You Groom a Yorkies Face?

The first step in this task is to make sure your Yorkie is nice and calm. You are cutting some sensitive areas, and the last thing you need is for your dog to get scared and jerk their heads.

The second step will be to decide how much hair you want to trim off. You will want to cut the hair short enough so that it is out of your dog’s eyes. The final step will be to start cutting carefully.

There is no rush here, as you have to make sure you do not make a mistake in this area. Go slowly, and do not get distracted as you cut. Once you are done, comb any loose fur away from its face.

You can use clippers in some areas, like around the ears, but for these delicate cuts, you want to use scissors.

Should I Cut the Hair Around My Yorkies Eyes?

Front on view of a small Yorkie being trimmed with scissors while standing on a black table

Yes, you should. If you don’t, the hair will grow too long, and your little dog will have trouble seeing what is in front of them. If you let the hair grow and never cut it, it can get up to 2 feet in length. It is a good idea to make sure you cut your Yorkie’s hair regularly.

Before you cut, you need to decide what type of haircut you will give your dog. There are a lot of haircut options, and you should choose the one that keeps the hair off their eyes and still looks good.

When you cut, go slowly as you want to trim all the fur on their face without harming your puppy. Keep the cut even, and to do that, you should not rush. When you are cutting your Yorkie’s hair, do it in a room where you are not distracted.

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Can You Cut the Whiskers of a Yorkie?

Side view of a Yorkie being trimmed with scissors

You can, but it is not a good idea to do this. Even though you may not think the whiskers play an important role in a dog’s life, those whiskers are there for some very important reasons.

One reason is that the whiskers help your dog interact with the environment. They are an early warning system helping the dog move through its territory.

Another reason you do not cut those whiskers is that they provide protection for your dog. They let the dog know when obstacles are in the way as they turn or move.

Then these whiskers help the dog decide if it can fit through an opening or not. Plus, they help him, or her understand wind direction and so on. The whiskers of a dog play a vital role in helping them to function and avoid injury and other issues.

How Do You Trim a Yorkie’s Mouth?

Yorkie staring at scissors being held out in front of his face

When you get to this body part, take a little break. It can be stressful enough to trim around their eyes and ears that you need a little rest before tackling the mouth. Your Yorkie might need a little break as well.

After your break, comb out the hair to see how long it is. Then start trimming at the same length you trimmed the rest of your Yorkie’s face. Make your cuts even, or you can use the clippers here to cut a little faster.

Try not to trim those whiskers and focus on the hair around the mouth. Make sure to get it short enough, so the hair does not enter their mouths when eating, etc.

Some Final Words

Close up of a Yorkie being trimmed with scissors

Trimming your Yorkie’s face is all about being careful. This area of their body is filled with sensitive spots, and you have to be careful as you cut. You can use clippers for the wider parts, but around the inner ears and the eyes, you should use scissors.

Just do not cut their whiskers unless they are too long.

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