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How To Train a Yorkie Puppy

yorkie puppy laying in grass

To receive the full benefit of dog ownership, you need to train your dog in the right way. The reason behind this attitude is that your dog learns how to please you. Plus, they know when they have done wrong, and you can correct their behavior.

Training a Yorkie is not always easy. It will depend on the individual dog and how your training will go. Some Yorkie owners report that Yorkies are hard to train simply based on their personal experience.

But if you use the right methods and add in positive reinforcement, you may find this task to be easier than reported.

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Are Yorkie Puppies Easy to Train?

When you ask this question, you are going to get both a yes and a no answer. For many Yorkie owners, their individual dogs are often stubborn and want to do things their way.

This attitude, while not in all Yorkies, is hard to deal with and makes it hard to train these little dogs. However, other Yorkies do not have this stubborn attitude, and their owners find them to be easy to train.

How your training goes depends on your dog’s personality and if they are stubborn or not. But if you use positive reinforcement, you may find that training your Yorkie is fun and exciting.

It is a joy to watch your dog learn the different commands and obey them. If you stick to it, be consistent, and do not use negative reinforcement, then you should have a great time training your Yorkie.

Just make sure they understand you are the head or the boss in the home. Some Yorkie owners do not do this, and then their little dog does not respect them and making it hard to be trained.

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At What Age Should I Start Training My Yorkie Puppy?

Portrait of a small Yorkie puppy being held up in human hands

The rule of thumb here is to start some of their training the day you bring them home. Most Yorkie owners will bring their dogs home when they are 3 months old. That is a good age to start their house training.

Most experts say that you should not bring a puppy home before they are 12 weeks old, as, in those first 12 weeks, their mother and siblings do a lot of training. When you bring that cute little dog home, make sure you have puppy-proofed it beforehand.

You need to go through your home and look for dangerous or risky spots and take the right preventive measures. Then when you get the dog home, take your time in training them.

They need to get used to their new home, and you do not have to take them with you everywhere you go. You want them to ease into their new life, not overwhelm them.

The lessons they need to start learning will be where to go to the bathroom, puppy pee pads will help here, walk on a leash, and where they should be sleeping. Also, start to teach them the commands you want them to learn.

This will take a little longer, and you need to be consistent in your commands which makes it faster for your dog to learn what to do.

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There Are 4 Fundamentals When Training a Yorkie

Yorkie sitting on hardwood floors

1. Make an Early Impression

You should be training your puppy as soon as possible after bringing them home. This early impression helps avoid later bad habits they can develop.

2. Use repetition

One of the best forms of training you can use. Just keep the lessons short enough to help your dog learn easier and faster.

3. Positive reinforcement

Use praise and treats to get your lessons home. The key when using treats is not to use too many, or your little dog may become overweight.

4. Be consistent

Pick one training method and stay with it. Do not make any changes mid-stream, or you may confuse your pet.

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How To Train a Yorkie

Yorkie standing on hind legs on hardwood floors

Choose your command words- here are some simple ones to use:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Lay down
  • Speak
  • Shake
  • Spin
  • Play dead
  • Rollover
  • Up

Train where there are no distractions

Pick a time and place where there are no children, toys, or other items that will take your dog’s attention away from what he or she is supposed to be doing.

Help your dog obey

Close portrait of a yorkie's head

This is where you may need to physically maneuver your pet to sit, lie down, etc. After giving the command word. This helps them understand and know what to do.

Some Final Words

Training your Yorkie depends on the type of personality they may have inherited from their parents. It can be easy, or it can be difficult at times. Just be patient and follow the instructions above to help you get through this period of time.

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