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Do Yorkies Like to Be Picked Up?

Portrait of a Yorkie being held in a woman's arms

It depends on who you talk to. There will be those who claim that Yorkies do not want to be held. They claim that the dog will be disorientated when you do lift them off the ground. They also claim that the little dog will tolerate this handling even though they do not like it.

But that opinion seems to be in the minority, and Yorkies do like to be picked up and held. They are very affectionate dogs, and this behavior gets even worse when the Yorkie gets older

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Do Yorkies Like to Be Cuddled?

Yorkie in a red sweater being held by a person wearing a white shirt

Yes, they do, despite what some Yorkie or pet owners may say. This is a very affectionate dog that loves to be held and cuddled. It is said that they are natural born cuddlers who like being close to their master and family members.

Cuddling is one of the ways your Yorkie will show affection. The others are tail wagging, playing, and licking your hand or face. Because a Yorkie is usually a one-person dog, they like to cuddle with that one person.

The only drawback here is that your Yorkie can develop separation anxiety if you let them cuddle with you too much, and then you have to go for a while. Make sure you teach your Yorkie to socialize with other members of your family and other dogs, etc.

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Why Does My Yorkie Like to Be Carried?

Yorkie being held by a woman with long brown hair

Like the previous section, there are two sides to this discussion. Some people say that Yorkies do not like to be held, they just tolerate it. They also say that the little dog likes to keep their paws on the ground.

But this behavior may be dog specific and not breed-wide. Other experts say that, yes, Yorkies love to be carried as they feel pampered, and they love the extra attention.

The trick to picking up and carrying your little dog. You need to be careful how you do this as their bones, etc., are a little more fragile than other dogs. To pick up your Yorkie correctly, simply slide your arm through its front legs.

But do not go all the way back. As your arm goes back, redirect your hand to the outside of their body and cradle their rear end. At that point, you can pick up your little dog safely.

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Some Final Words

Little girl with blond hair with her back to the camera with a Yorkie looking over her shoulder

Your Yorkie may not like to be picked up and carried, but many dogs in this dog breed do. They love to be affectionate, and the longer they are held, the more they get used to it and like it.

Play it by ear with your Yorkie and go in accordance with their wishes.

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