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Do Yorkies Pee in The House?

Yorkie sitting on hardwood floors with head tilted to one side

They are cute and lovable.

One thing about a Yorkie pet, you can’t seem to get enough of their cuteness. They are such adorable dogs that you always want one with you. That is, until they start peeing all over your new furniture.

Then that cuteness gives way to anger and frustration. Yes, Yorkies will pee in the house, and they have justification for doing so. If you do not get out of bed when they want, they can create an accident just to register their displeasure at that situation.

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Do Yorkies Pee in The House

Close up portrait of a Yorkie laying on hardwood floors

Yes, they do, and it seems to be a common trait among all the dogs in this dog breed. If they do not do it normally, they will manufacture a reason to justify their disobeying you and breaking their training.

To break this habit, most people say that you need to stop shouting, hitting, and doing other negative actions. They say for you to use positive reinforcement only. Those actions should help solve your problem.

They also say that the reason Yorkies pee in the house is because it is your fault. It could be, but then again, it may not be.

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Why Do Yorkies Pee in The House?

Yorkie laying on a bed next to a window

There are quite a few legitimate reasons why they do this. It is not always your fault, so don’t always blame yourself. Here are some of those reasons:

1. Improperly Trained– This has to be done at a young age, and you have to be consistent with your training. If you do not and are not, then you may have trouble later on, and you won’t be able to buy new furniture or carpets for a while.

2. They Get Too Emotional– When they get too excited, scared, or anxious, then your Yorkie may show those emotions by peeing everywhere. This will take some training to fix, but it is fixable.

3. Memory Loss– As Yorkies and all dogs get older, their memories tend to fade somewhat. This memory loss can be reflected n their failure to follow the proper training habits you gave them when your dog was young.

Mental health issues will always be the source of this problem as your Yorkie ages.

4. Medical Issues– When your dog is sick, then as much as they want to, they cannot go outside to pee. This is understandable, and you need some patience in this situation. Just be prepared to take your dog outside during these times.

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Some Final Words

Close up portrait of a Yorkie laying on a white wood surface

There are many reasons why your pet Yorkie starts to pee in the house. You just have to learn which ones are fixable and which ones need your special attention.

When Yorkies get sick, they can and will pee where it is easiest for them. Just be patient and work with your dog using positive techniques to solve the problem.

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