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How Do You Train a Yorkie Puppy to Pee Outside?

Yorkie standing outdoors in grass

Not every dog likes the outside. It can happen as you may live in a cold weather region of the country. If you do not like going outside when it is cold, neither will most dogs. Or they just may not like being outside.

These are a couple of challenges you will face when training your Yorkie to pee outside. It is the natural place for them to go but not all dogs like that option. But with perseverance, patience, and positive reinforcement, along with consistency, you can succeed at this task.

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At What Age Are Yorkies Potty Trained?

The experts claim that you should start their training at 3 months of age. In the first month, your new Yorkie will be too small to go outside. In the second month, they are just learning about the world around them

By the third month, they should be large and aware enough to start their house training. If that seems too young for you, you can delay it a couple of months. But do not go beyond 5 to 6 months of age, or some bad habits may form.

Also, once you start the training, they should be fully trained before their 1st birthday. If you go beyond that, you may have trouble with your Yorkie as they may be too independent or stubborn to fully train.

Their personality will play a large role in how easy or difficult it is to train your puppy. Just make sure to use positive reinforcement to encourage your Yorkie to obey and go outside when they are supposed to.

What Is the Easiest Way to Potty Train A Yorkie?

Yorkie outdoors sitting in grass

Almost all the experts claim that using positive reinforcement is the easiest way to train your Yorkie. Your dog gains more confidence when they are rewarded than when they are punished. This makes learning for the dog more fun.

As to specific methods, every dog owner has their favorite way of training their dogs. One is not that much easier than the other. You can choose between traditional training, where you put the paper on the floor and eventually lead your puppy to the door.

Or you can go with a crate or clicker trainer. The method that is the easiest is the one that works best for you. But there are some key aspects to follow when you do train your pet:

The 15-Minute Rule

This is roughly the amount of time your dog needs to explore, sniff, and finally pick its spot. During this time, do not disturb him or her, as some dogs are very picky about their bathroom spot.

Your Reaction to Accidents

Small dogs have small bladders and bowel muscles. They may not always make it to the door to go to the bathroom. Your reaction to these actions is key to their training. Try to stay calm, cool, and collected when your puppy has an accident.

It will happen, so be prepared for it when it does.

Be Patient

It is going to take work as puppies do not automatically know where they are to go to the bathroom in your house or outside. You have to teach them, and this takes hard work and patience.

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Training Your Puppy to Go Outside

portrait of a yorkie laying outdoors in grass in front of a flowerbed

There are some key things you need to do to make this time easier for your pet and not stressful

Learn Your Dog’s Body Language

Your Yorkie will let you know when they need to go outside. Once you learn those signs, you can take the right steps to avoid an accident. If he or she is going in the wrong spot, gently pick them up and place them at the right spot.

Pick Your Yorkie’s Bathroom

Find a spot that is well away from your family area and bring your Yorkie to that spot every time they have to go. This is the spot you place them in once you see them trying to go in the wrong area.

Keep An Eye on Your Yorkie

Yorkie laying in front of a window

Their small bladders do not work as yours do, and if you get distracted or busy, your puppy could have an accident before you check on them again. Keep your eye on your puppy at all times.

Reward When They Obey

Positive reinforcement helps your dog remember where they are to go all the time. Reward them when they do it so your puppy can keep going to the same spot.

Some Final Words

Yorkie laying on hardwood floors

Training your Yorkie to go outside will take some work on your part. Your puppy has to learn where to go and only you can show them the right spot. Keep bringing them to that right spot, so your dog learns where they are to go all the time. Then reward them for doing it right.

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