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What Should I Know Before Buying a Yorkie?

Portrait of a small Yorkie puppy

It is time to buy a dog, not just any dog but a Yorkie. You have heard so many good things about this dog breed that you decided you want one. This is a common attitude, but before you buy, you should learn a few details about the Yorkshire Terrier before you spend a lot of money to get one.

One of the things you need to learn is that they are not to be handled like most other dog breeds. This is a tiny dog that is a bit fragile when it comes to bones etc. They are not fragile because they are sick or inferior.

This dog just needs to be handled differently because it is so small.

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What Should I Look for When buying a Yorkie?

The first thing to look for is how they interact with their siblings. If you get the chance, visit the breeder just after the puppies are a month old and see how they behave when they are with their brothers and sisters.

That behavior will tell you a lot about how the dog will act in your home. The second thing to look for is their health history. You want to make sure the new puppy comes from a healthy line of dogs, and do not forget to ask about their current health, shot schedule, and so on.

Also, look to see if the puppy has clear eyes, a clear nose, a shiny coat, and clean ears. Then test their hearing to make sure the dog can hear loud noises. Try to avoid buying a puppy that has health issues or whose family medical history is not so great.

Are Yorkies Good for First-Time Owners?

Yorkie laying outdoors in grass

This will depend a lot on who you talk to. People have their favorite dog breeds and will make sure they let you know that their favorite is great for first-time dog owners.

You have to take their suggestions with a grain of salt. Many people do not like Yorkies because of their size and reputation. They have been known to be stubborn and hard to train at times.

Despite all that you have heard, Yorkies are great little dogs and will make great first-time pets for many new dog owners. This is not a breed for everyone, and you need to make sure you like the dog before you buy it.

This dog breed is very loyal, does not eat a lot but does sleep most hours of the day, is very affectionate, and does not shed a lot. This combination, along with other positive traits, makes them an ideal dog for first-time owners.

Especially when those first-time owners live in small apartments, etc.

Is It Better to Have A Girl Or Boy Yorkie?

Yorkie with its hair on top of its head in a pig tail, on a pink background

This is going to be up to your preference. If you want to have a litter or two, then buying a female Yorkie is the way to go. Just be ready, as owning a female Yorkie is slightly different than owning a male.

You need to be prepared for when the female goes into heat, and that happens usually twice a year. There are other special needs that a female has that a male dog does not.

But in general, whether it is a male or a female, you will have a very loyal, affectionate dog that may or may not be hard to train. It all depends on who the parents were and the personality the Yorkie inherited.

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How Do You Pick a Yorkie from A Litter?

3 Yorkie puppies against a pink background

The first step is to decide if you want a male or a female dog. This is an important decision as one has different needs than the other. Second, you can let the dog pick you. This happens a lot and makes sure you know that the dog wants to be with you.

Third, make sure the puppy is healthy and is not vomiting, constipated, has diarrhea, or has abnormal urinating issues. Then check the eyes, etc., as described above, to make sure your pet is healthy.

The next step is to decide what type of personality you want in a dog. Do you want the aggressive one that bullies their siblings or the one that runs away from a fight with his or her brothers or sisters?

You pick the one you want, so you know you will be happy with it, and the puppy knows it is wanted.

Some Final Words

Yorkie puppies with bows in their hair in a basket

To fully answer the question in the title, the main thing you should know before buying a Yorkie is to know that you really want one. These dogs come with big personalities that can get them into trouble, and you need to be able to deal with that.

This dog breed is a little different from other dog breeds, and they do need special handling and care. Are you ready for that?

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