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Is a Toy Poodle Easy to Train?

Toy poodle sitting on an ottoman , looking up

Intelligence and desire are the two key qualities in poodles that make them easy to train. While other dog breeds tend to have stubborn streaks and bad attitudes, poodles love to please their master and use their intelligence to learn what their masters want them to do.

The answer to the question is, yes, they are easy to train. What follows will be some tips or steps for different training methods that will help your dog know what they are to do. Take a few minutes to read up on these tips, etc., and see if this important information solves some of your training issues.

Crate Training Tips

This is a popular training method many dog owners use. They say that it works well and makes sure their pet knows where to go to the bathroom. Here are some tips to guide this method of training:

1. Place the crate in a room where your family is the most often. Make a bed for him or her in the crate and leave the door open. This will allow your dog a chance to explore the crate and get used to it.

2. If your dog shies away from the crate try leaving a trail of treats to the inside or walk with your dog talking nicely to them so that they can see the crate is a friendly spot.

3. Place their food at the rear of the crate and if your dog eats happily there close the door on them. Once they finish their meal open their door so they can get out. Increase the closure time to get your pet used to the crate.

4. Create a command for the crate to tell them where they need to go. Then reward your pet with a treat reinforcing your command when they enter the crate.

5. Keep increasing the time your pet stays inside the crate until they are comfortable staying inside for a long time.

6. Keep the crate close to you so you can hear them whine when they need to go outside to the bathroom.

House Training

puppy pee pad on tile floor next to a sliding glass door

We have all been there and know that this is not always an easy task to do. However, if you do it right, your pet will learn soon, and your home will be accident-free. There are different methods you can use to house train your poodle. The following tips should help you when you use those methods.

1. Dogs can hold their bladder approximately 1 hour for every month of age they are alive. Take them outside often to get them used to going to the bathroom outdoors.

2. Pick a spot and make sure to use that spot throughout their training. This will make your pet less confused and have them running to the same spot faster.

3. Don’t forget to reward your dog. Have small treats on hand so that you can immediately show your favor and your dog learns it did well.

4. Keep your pet on a regular feeding schedule. That way you can have your pet on a regular bathroom schedule.

5. Pick up your dog’s water dish about 2 hours before bedtime. This cuts down on nighttime accidents and keeps your house clean.

Signs Your Pet Needs to Go to the Bathroom

toy poodle puppy on a white blanket

After training your pet will let you know when he or she needs to go outside. Here are some of those signs.

  1. Barking
  2. Whining
  3. Scratching at the door
  4. Squatting near the door or in the room
  5. Restless behavior
  6. Starts to sniff the furniture in the room
  7. Walks in circles

Obedience Training

dogs with their handlers at an outdoors obedience class

Just use simple commands and limit those commands to one syllable or two at the most. You do not want to confuse your pet by making the commands very difficult. Also, make sure everyone uses the same commands so that your dog learns faster and knows what everyone is saying.

Words like sit, come, here, down, heel, stay and stand are excellent examples of very good commands to use. You can also try a shake, drop it, speak, rollover, or with me are other excellent commands to teach your pet.

Again, you will have to be patient with your poodle, but these dogs are smart and should handle the training with flying colors.

Some Final Words

Apricot colored toy poodle laying on hardwood floors against a white wall

Training your poodle, the right way means getting the best advice and following it. Poodles are easy to train, and it should not take you a long time to get the job done. Just be patient and before you know it, your dog will be trained, and you can show him or her off to your friends and brag about how well they obey and are trained.

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