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Pug Vs English Bulldog

A little pug history, these dogs are a little like the Dalmatian. They have been around so long that people have forgotten where their species originated. Most people think that the Pug originated in China, but it cannot be said for certain.

Then it is said that the Pug was brought to Holland in the 16th century and then to England in the late 17th century. The AKC recognized this dog breed in 1885 and from there the rest is history.

The Pug is about 35 pounds lighter than the English Bulldog, but they have about the same life span and the same litter size. Both are low-maintenance dog breeds.

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A Little English Bulldog History

The history of this dog breed is a little more well-known. They are a born-and-bred dog breed and have always existed in England. The English Bulldog’s story is a little different, as this dog breed has two breeding stories.

The original English Bulldog was a lot taller and a lot more fierce in nature. They were bred to participate in the game called Bull Baiting. Their existence started somewhere in the 1500s, but when bull baiting was banned in England, this breed almost disappeared.

It wasn’t long after the ban that one breeder decided to change some of the characteristics of this dog and developed what we see today. Unfortunately, the dog breeders who did the second breeding could not remove the problem of their face, and this dog breed still suffers from brachycephalic

When put together as companions, both dogs do get along and make wonderful friends for the most part.

Both dog breeds start out very energetic but mellow as they grow older. As long as you train them properly, they are very loyal and great family dogs.

Pug Vs. English Bulldog Pros And Cons

1. English Bulldog

Portrait of a brown and white English Bulldog puppy


  • Strong barrel-shaped dogs
  • They do not bark a lot
  • They are low-energy dogs
  • They love to cuddle
  • They are very loyal and eager to please
  • They shed less than pugs do


  • They are also brachycephalic
  • They eat more than pugs
  • They suffer from weight issues
  • This dog breed does have some aggressive traits
  • They can be stubborn and get overweight easily

2. Pugs

Portrait of a pug outdoors


  • This dog breed can be very smart and comical
  • They can be easier to train
  • The Pug fits apartments better
  • They do not eat as much, so they save on food costs
  • They are loyal and protective
  • They are low-energy and have lower exercise requirements


  • They tend to get overweight and suffer from weight issues
  • They are brachycephalic
  • They need a lot of grooming help
  • They are more active when they are young
  • They can suffer from separation anxiety

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Some Pug And English Bulldog Differences

Portrait of a brown and white English Bulldog outdoors

While there are some similarities between these two dog breeds, there are some very distinct differences.

1. Pugs are great with children but you may need adult supervision when you put English Bulldogs together with young kids.

2. The Pug is very energetic when they are young, and as they grow older, they turn into a fairly good watch dogs. Although no one may be scared of them. The loyalty of the English Bulldog is shown when someone harms one of their family in front of them.

Then you see what an English Bulldog is all about. The English Bulldog can be intimidating with its gruff look, while the Pug looks too friendly to be much of a threat to anyone.

3. Both breeds suffer from health issues. The two share the same problem, brachycephalic syndrome, due to the shape of their faces. Then the Pug can contract Dog Encephalitis for which there is no cure. This is a brain condition that causes seizures.

English Bulldogs can suffer respiratory, as well as bone and joint issues due to their weight and size. Plus, they can get skin diseases that make their hair fall out more than normal.

4. Feeding time- English Bulldog puppies should only be given 20 minutes to eat, and then the food should be removed from their bowls. Plus, they should eat several times a day as they need a lot of fuel to move about, etc.

For the Pug, they need a well-balanced diet from the best dog food brands available. That way, they can grow up healthy. Both dog breeds need a very nutritious meal to grow up big and strong

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Some Final Words

Pug outdoors looking up at the camera

Both dogs can be great if you live in an apartment. They are quieter dog breeds but just do not leave them alone for too long. You will get the same amount of time with each dog breed, so make every moment count.

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