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Pug Vs. Puggle

Picture of a pug and one of a puggle meeting on the diagonal in the middle with the letters VS in the center

Pugs were introduced to Europe from China in the sixteenth century. The same goes for the puggle, which was initially produced by American designer dog breeders to create a healthy companion dog. Pugs and puggles have a lot of common characteristics. They do, however, differ from one another in several ways. Keep reading to get a detailed comparison between Pug and Puggle.

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Pugs were first domesticated in China during the Han era (B.C. 206 to A.D. 200). According to some historians, they are linked to Tibetan Mastiffs. The Chinese Emperors treasured them, and they lived in lavish homes, occasionally even with troops on duty to protect them. Pugs are one of three breeds of short-nosed dogs that were produced by the Chinese, along with the Pekingese and the ancestor of the modern Pug, the Lo-Sze.

Pugs are square, thickset dogs that typically weigh 20 pounds or less. They have big, round heads with big, wide eyes. On their faces, they have noticeable, deep wrinkles. These wrinkles were treasured by the Chinese (who were experts in dog breeding) because they resembled good luck symbols in their language. Dogs with wrinkles that resembled the Chinese characters for the word “prince” were particularly appreciated.


Portrait of a puggle outdoors on a picnic table

Puggle was created by crossing a pug with a beagle. It was developed by American designer dog breeders to create a companion dog that would be healthier and less prone to behavioral and health concerns. The cross is less likely to inherit the energy, scent drive, and howl of the beagle; however, due to the unpredictable nature of crossing two well-established breeds, puggles can still inherit both breathing disorders and high energy levels. Breathing problems are less likely to be inherited because of the brachycephalic head of the pug.

Although designer dog breeders started breeding them in considerable numbers in the 1990s, when the term “puggle” was first used to sell the cross, pugs and beagles were first intentionally mixed and marketed as companion dogs in the united states in the 1980s.

Differences Between a Pug and a Puggle

Pug outdoors

The following table shows the major differences between pugs and puggles.

SheddingShed above averageHeavy shedders
Lifespan10-14 years12-15 years
TemperamentCalm and melloweager to please and energetic.
Height10-13 inches13-15 inches 
Weight14-20 pounds25-30 pounds

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Similarities Between a Pug and a Puggle

Puggle laying on a blue paisley blanket

Some of the biggest similarities between pugs and puggles are discussed below.

Exercise – Both dogs need exercise to direct their energies. Pugs like to be more sluggish and need to be coaxed to go about, but Puggles are animated and love to play with their owners.

Training – Training both of these dogs with positive reinforcement is the best approach.

Health – If you keep an eye out for common health issues like obesity and breathing difficulties, both dogs can live up to 15 years. To prevent a pudgy puppy, give your Pug or Puggle a well-balanced diet.

Grooming – Both dogs will likely require occasional baths, with extra care given to their facial wrinkles.

What is Better About a Pug?

pug outdoors

Pugs are clowns, but they behave with respect. Pugs are active dogs who enjoy playing games. They also love and require proximity to their owners. Pugs feel heartbroken if neglected because they enjoy being the focus of attention. Pugs frequently have a keen sense of intuition, are sensitive to their owner’s moods, and are anxious to please them.

You can’t help but grin when you look at the pug’s humorous face, which has deep wrinkles around its large, black eyes and a flat, round face. Because of how similar the face is to a human fist, it is said that the Pugs got their name from the Latin word for “fist.”

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What is Better About a Puggle?

Puggle laying on a grey couch

The puggle, a cute designer breed with an eager and loving nature, is the offspring of a beagle and a pug. Combining the traits of the pug with the beagle was done to produce a more relaxed breed of dog than the conventional beagle.

However, although some puggles have a balanced temperament between the two of their parents, some are more like one parent than the other. Where on the spectrum they will fall might be difficult to anticipate. While some puggles may act more like pugs and spend much of their time snuggling on the sofa, others may behave more like hounds and engage in behaviors like digging, howling, and stumbling around in quest of food.

Who Should Get a Pug?

Pug puppy wearing a red and white striped bow tie while sitting on a wooden park bench

Pugs are wonderful companions for kids since they are playful and versatile. Due to their tiny size, these spirited and hardy little dogs make excellent family companions and are suitable for households with smaller children. Pugs should always be under supervision while around youngsters, just like with any breed, to ensure everyone’s safety and happiness.

Additionally, pugs struggle to administer an aggressive bite due to their mouth shape. Hence, they are viewed as being on the more kid-safe end of the breed range. Pugs are frequently perceptive, intelligent, and rapid learners. If their nutrition and activity are not regularly monitored, Pugs have a major propensity to gain weight and skin problems.

Who Should Get a Puggle?

Puggle puppy laying on wooden floors while chewing a dog toy

The puggle is a very amiable breed of dog. They enjoy having a group because they enjoy being around people and other animals. The beagle genetics are responsible for this group mentality. However, they might be a little independent and don’t necessarily want to be with the family all the time. They won’t make a big deal out of leaving when they need some alone time.

Puggles make excellent playmates for kids. Due to their medium to tiny size, they are not frightening to young children.

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