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Top 5 Dog Breeds That Play Frisbee

Small white dog with a red frisbee in mouth

Playing fetch with your dog can be so relaxing yet so beneficial for the both of you. It’s a great way to get exercise in, not only for you but for your fuzzy friend too. Whether it’s herding, guarding, or hunting these varieties left us today with some k9s that go above and beyond at specific things and fail at some in mostly funniest ways.

Border Collies

Border Collies running though field of yellow flowers

Border Collies are speedy, swift and graceful dogs that are great for chasing fast-moving objects, in this case flying disc-shaped toys, such as you guessed it – a frisbee! They are used as herding dogs, and this makes them energetic. They love chasing and running after toys for hours!

Toss the frisbee to get your dog to chase it. Border Collies are quick, so they should be able to keep up with the frisbee without too much trouble. Praise him when he catches it, and call your dog and give him or her the “Drop” command. They should quickly learn that the faster they “drop” it, the quicker you roll it again. 

Never allow your border collie to jump to catch the flying disk until he’s at least one year old, or older as its necessary for him to reach his full-grown size. Jumping while the bones are still developing can lead to joint and bone injuries and problems.

Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois playing frisbee in grass field

Belgian Malinois are also called  Belgian Shepherds. This breed is a very energetic and playful dog, so throwing a frisbee from him/her will be no problem. I can promise you that! They are very high energy since they once started as a sheepdog. 

They need to be kept engaged and active all day, or they are inclined to become bored and turn to destructive behaviours such as barking and chewing.

Due to their tenacity and strength, they are continuously used by the military and also by the police force, so they are used to the exercise and the training.  Seeing how graceful some Belgian Malinois are, it’s amazing to see them catch a frisbee in the air! 

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers laying in grass with blue frisbee in mouth

Coming from MY own experience, Golden Retrievers are the BOM dot com when it comes to playing fetch and doing other activities. They do not mind at all, running back and forth for a ball if it means he can have another go with the ball or a frisbee. 

They have so much energy; they are well-mannered, straightforward to train, very obedient, and perform their task with speed and efficiency. Golden Retrievers are well behaved with families, kids and will follow commands without any problems.

Golden Retrievers require a decent amount of exercise so that a big yard will do them well. They are known as good hunting dogs; they are good at tracking. 

They are gentle with children, so there is no problem with your child playing frisbee or ball with them.

Ashley Whippet

If they are socialised well, they are happy to spend time with people and other dogs. They love to exercise regularly, even if it’s just to go outside for a walk or to throw a disc. When ​they’re spending time in there home, however, ​they’re of a gentle temperament, though this mood can vary to mischievous and jolly if there are children present.

A little bit about this breed: one Whippet who had success in particularly frisbee was you guess it Ashley Whippet. ( name of the breed)  The first excellent disc dog was born in 1971. She first became known about the age of 3 when a student from the university smuggled her in.

The following year in 1972, Stein was heavily involved in the Frisbee Dog World Championship, BUT guess who won the first three championships in 1975, 1976 and 1977? YUP, you guessed it right ASHLEY WHIPPET! Even though the dog championships are still going on, Ashley Whippet remains its most famous contestant.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever running in grass field with red frisbee in mouth

 Retrievers are a muscular breed and adapted to playing dog sports, such as Frisbee and fetch. They love their owners, like border collies they are much happier when they have jobs to do so that they feel loved and needed. 

With their endless energy, they will keep the same game interesting. Labs are super friendly, but don’t let the demeanour fool you. These dogs are high-energy. Without the proper exercise, this breed tends to get destructive sometimes.  Labrador Retrievers need the proper exercise and I think frisbee and running outside makes the top of the list.

Summary about Dog Breeds That Play Frisbee

Throwing a frisbee with your dog is a great way to keep you and your dog in shape. Even if your dog is very mellow, keeping them interested and actively keeps them happy and healthy. Repetitively jumping high can strain your dog’s muscles. Keep your tosses low close to the height of your puppy’s head, until he is matured. Most say about eleven months and up if they are prone to joint pain I would recommend a different game.

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