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Yellow Labrador vs. Golden Retriever

Pictures of a Yellow Labrador on the left and a Golden Retriever on the right, meeting in the middle on a diagonal line with the letters VS in the middle.

Retrievers are considered to be one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. But choosing between Yellow Labrador and Golden Retriever is a serious task. This is because they’re very similar especially when it comes to intelligence and their charming looks. These similarities make it difficult for dog owners to prefer one breed over the other. To find more about the answer of Labrador Retriever vs. Golden Retriever, you mu1st read the article till the end.

Yellow Labrador

Close up portrait of a yellow Labrador retriever outdoors in the snow

Yellow Labrador is a type of Labrador Retriever and was developed in Canada, in the 18th century. These retrievers were used by fishermen to retrieve fish or ducks. But in recent times, they have become excellent companions of families due to their charming looks and friendly nature.

These Labradors are quite trainable, intelligent, and loyal. They have a straight yellow double coat that keeps them warm in cold climates. These highly energetic pups need a lot of exercise to burn their extra energy. If they are not provided enough physical activity, they can develop negative habits, like destructive chewing.

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Golden Retriever

Portrait of a Golden Retriever outdoors in grass

This breed was developed in Scotland, in the 19th Century. These gun dogs were bred to retrieve shot waterfowl and hunt upland birds, especially in hunting and shooting parties. They are quite clever, loyal, and reliable which makes them ideal for families. These friendly canines are also quite good with strangers.

Golden Retrievers are very energetic and require a good amount of exercise to stay calm and healthy. They have a wavy double coat with three different colors (gold, lightly golden, and dark golden).

Differences Between Yellow Labrador and Golden Retriever

The following table shows some vital differences between Yellow Labrador and Golden Retriever.

CharacteristicsYellow LabradorGolden Retriever
TemperamentLoving and gentleSmart and slightly rough
ColorYellowGolden (pure, light, or dark)
BarkingVery oftenOften

Similarities Between Yellow Labrador and Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever standing on a sandy beach with the ocean in the background and surrounded by sea oats.

These two breeds have a lot in common and some of those traits of Yellow Labrador and Golden Retriever are discussed below.

Purebred – These breeds are considered pure because they don’t have any crossbreeding combination.

Shedding – Both these retriever breeds shed quite heavily and are not hypoallergenic because they lose a lot of hair.

Living Environment – Yellow Labrador and Golden retriever are pretty much adaptable to all types of living environments. They can happily live backyard, apartments, and even indoor in houses. However, pups living in apartments or indoors will expect their owners to fulfill their exercise needs.

Size – Both of these dog breeds have a similar height (between 21 to 24 inches) and weight (between 55 to 80 pounds).

Intelligence – Thanks to their hunting background, both these dogs are quite intelligent. Likewise, these sharp-minded dogs are also very active.

Energy – Both of them are very energetic because of their retrieving history. They will always be willing for a game of fetch or a run in the yard. You must schedule a proper exercise routine to keep these canines happy and healthy.

Suitable for Kids – Both breeds are amazing family companions, especially for those who have kids. This is because these pups love to play with kids and are very patient with them.

Socialization – Both these dogs are considered very social because they do quite well with other pets and strangers. They love to meet new people and make new friends due to their loving nature.

Sport Loving – Both Yellow Labs and Golden Retrievers are hunters and retrievers of waterfowl and are strong swimmers. Hence, they can perform quite well in water sports. These breeds can also perform quite well in other dog sports, obedience and agility.

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What is Better about Yellow Labrador?

Yellow Labrador sitting at attention in a yard setting.

This breed has a high level of intelligence and great temperament. These characteristics make Yellow Labs highly trainable and ideal for new owners. They can stay alone for a small amount of time but not for longer periods. Although these pups prefer backyard living, they can adapt and be quite comfortable in apartments.

Labradors are superb family companions and love to serve humans as guarding dogs. Thanks to their great intellect and sharp senses, they will alarm the owner whenever an intruder approaches.

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What is Better about Golden Retriever?

2 Golden Retrievers laying in orange leaves outdoors in autumn.

Golden Retriever is one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world. They are energetic and need daily walks and playtime to stay happy. However, they love to sleep or take a nap in between their activities. This is essential for the dog as well as the owner who will have some time to do other work.

Goldens can gel well with other dogs (and other pets), making them ideal for multi-pet households. They are very protective of their family and can do anything for their safety. Another advantage of Golden Retrievers is that they bark less than Labradors.

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Who Should Get Yellow Labrador?

Yellow Labrador puppy with its paws over the top of a piece of varnished wood and it's head tilted.

Labradors will always prefer families who have a backyard in their houses. However, they can also be adopted by apartment owners because labs can adapt to any living environment. You just need to take care of their rigorous exercise needs.

Inexperienced owners can also adopt Yellow Labrador because they are easy to train and handle. Similarly, this breed is perfect for families who have kids.

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Who Should Get Golden Retriever?

Fluffy Golden Retriever puppy laying outdoors in grass

These dogs demand a lot of attention and are only recommended if you don’t work full time. However, Golden Retrievers can be left alone for some time by making them physically and mentally engaged with some activity. For example, playing with their favorite toys can keep them occupied for a while. This breed is safe for kids as well as strangers unless they start harming the dog or its owner.

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