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Are Yellow Labs and Golden Retriever the Same?

Golden retriever laying on a leaf covered trail outdoors

Yellow Labs and Golden Retrievers are very similar, but they are not the same.

Yellow Labs are sweet and energetic dogs who tend to be good with other pets. They’re also easygoing and playful. Golden Retrievers, on the other hand, tend to be quieter and calmer. The main difference between the two breeds is their coat color and length.  For more information about these dog breeds, continue reading this article.

What Is a Golden Retriever?

It is said that this breed of dog originated in Scotland when a dog breeder, Lord Tweedmouth, mated a wavy coated Retriever with a Tweed Water Spaniel.

While the AKC has recognized the Golden retriever as a separate breed, it is a cousin of the lab. It has a very smart intellect and performs many of the tasks that the lab does.

The Golden remains young at heart and retains a lot of its puppy nature when an adult. Plus, they like to hold something in their mouths when they walk.

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What Is a Yellow Lab?

Yellow lab sitting in tall grass

A yellow lab is a gentle dog that loves children and is very patient with them. They can be bred as hunting or show dogs depending on the classification. They are a taller and heavier dog breed that is just a little larger and heavier than a Golden Retriever.

A yellow lab is very loyal and loves to go swimming. They also enjoy hunting and are easy to train. They also like a lot of exercise and can get into some bad habits if they do not receive enough exercise each week.

How Are They Different?

Yellow lab running through tall grass

Probably the biggest difference is that the Golden Retriever was bred with a Spaniel and the Lab was bred with the Newfoundland Water dog. But they are cousins, so they have a lot in common as well.

The coat is different from the Yellow Lab’s coat a softer yellow that is not rich or deep in color like the Golden Retriever’s coat. Plus, the coat of the Yellow Lab is shorter than the coat of the Golden retriever. The coat of the latter can get wavy at times.

How Are They Similar?

Portrait of a golden retreiver

The two dog breeds are trained for similar duties. They are to retrieve different items like games, nets, sticks, and so on. Also, both breeds are very sociable, friendly, affectionate, and loyal.

They also share the same mild manner temperament. They both will shed their fur with the Retriever’s long hair making more of a mess. And they are both very adaptable to different living spaces.

Then their natural intelligence makes both dogs easy to train and they need to be challenged at times.

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What’s Better About a Golden Retriever?

Golden retriever sitting on a bale of hay

One trait that makes this dog better is its fur color. It remains a nice golden color although that golden color can appear in different hues or tones. They are friendly and very reliable dogs and they do not bark as much as other dogs do.

Plus, they are a bit smaller in size and can fit better in tiny spaces like small apartments or trailers. Then they have lots of energy and are suitable for young kids. The Golden is a great family dog.

What’s Better About a Yellow Lab?

Yellow labrador laying on a dog bed

These are very good hunting and fishing dogs. They love the outdoors which makes them perfect for those families who like to be out in the sunshine all day.

On top of that, they love to protect their families and serve as guard dogs very well. Their keen sense of hearing helps them warn their masters of approaching strangers. In addition, this dog is easy to train and is perfect for first-time dog owners’ pets.

Who Should Get a Golden Retriever?

Golden retriever sitting in a field of lavender

Any family that likes to have a gentle and patient dog that is highly intelligent. They make excellent pets and those families who like a high-energy pet should buy this dog.

Also, they should be adopted by a family that likes to be outdoors a lot or likes to go to dog shows. The family should be prepared to give their new puppy lots of attention as they like to be sociable.

Who Should Get a Yellow Lab?

Family playing with a yellow lab puppy

The same reasons listed above apply here as well. This dog is for those families who like training their dogs and teaching them how to behave, fetch, and more. Also, the family that buys this dog should have a backyard as labs like the freedom to run around.

Or at least likes to go into nature so their pet can be challenged and lose its energy.

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