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Golden Lab Vs Yellow Lab

Golden colored labrador sitting in a field of wheat

The English and American lab breed is the most popular dog in America and Britain. In fact, it has held that top spot for almost 30 years. That is an achievement that other dog breeds are not going to come close to in the near future.

What Is a Golden Lab?

A golden lab is a regular Labrador bred from the small province of Newfoundland. Its coat is a deeper yellow color giving the appearance of gold when you look at them.

This variation of the lab species contains all the characteristics of the lab breed. They are intelligent, patient, friendly, and very family orientated. They can hunt, fish, and be a show dogs like any other color of the lab in their breed.

It is hard to tell them apart from the yellow lab variety. But if you look close enough you can see the difference between the two.

What Is a Yellow Lab?

Yellow lab isolated against a white background.

This is another color that comes with the lab species. The lab has up to 5 or 6 different colors and yellow is just one of them. Many officials of the dog organizations consider the golden lab to be a yellow lab. To them, there is no difference.

Like the golden option, this lab is friendly, has high intelligence, and can be a good hunter or show dog. It all depends on the variety of, English or American, that determines their strengths. They are easy to train as well.

How Are They Different?

Yellow lab sitting on stone in the shallow of a river

The golden lab is not always the biggest option in the breed. It can be on the small side a little bit whereas the yellow option can be taller and heavier. One thing that sets the two options apart is that the golden lab has a more elegant look to it than the yellow lab.

Plus, the snout may be a bit longer and its eyes should be a little darker than the yellow lab’s eyes. The tails will be different as well as the yellow labs are covered in short fur while the golden’s tail will have longer fur and looks a little feathery.

How Are They Similar?

Golden lab outdoors standing in fallen leaves

They are labs and that means that despite the minor differences they are basically the same dog. That means that while one may like hunting and the other dog shows, they have the same characteristics.

They are both very intelligent, like lots of exercises as well as patient enough to handle what little children do to them. Also, these dogs are easy to train and handle their duties well.

What’s Better About a Golden Lab?

Golden lab sitting on a couch

This is hard to say as this dog is often considered to be a yellow lab. The tail may be stronger, the fur is longer, and the dog has darker eyes. Those features set them apart from the yellow lab.

Plus, their fur color is a deeper hue making them nicer to look at. They can be very playful and that is a good trait. In addition, their patience is an excellent character quality that every owner needs in a pet.

What’s Better About a Yellow Lab?

Portrait of a yellow lab outdoors in autumn

The key difference that makes this lab option stand out will be its size. It is often taller, larger, and heavier than the golden lab. That is good as that means it has endless energy and is good to take hunting or other similar activities.

The yellow lab has the same qualities that the golden lab has. That means that no matter which color you buy, you are getting a great family dog. Everything about this dog breed is special and that is what makes them so popular no matter their color.

Who Should Get a Golden Lab?

Golden lab isolated on a black background.

Those people or families that do not want to do too much outdoor exercise. While this dog likes to exercise it does not need as much as the yellow lab does. If you want a loyal dog, a lab, no matter the color, will fit that requirement.

Also, those people with small children should get this type of lab. They are good with small children and make sure your child has a nice playmate.

Who Should Get a Yellow Lab?

Close up portrait of a yellow lab's head

This lab option is great for outdoor people. It needs lots of exercises and loves to run and play. Those families that do a lot of outdoor activities would benefit from owning this lab option.

Their endless energy makes them a great pet for older kids who seem to have an endless amount of energy as well. Just watch how much you exercise them as their joints can be negatively affected.

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