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Champagne Lab Vs Yellow Lab

Champagne colored lab laying on a bed

The PDSA Gold Medal (an animal bravery award) was awarded to a Labrador named Endal in 2002. Endal’s disabled owner fell unconscious, so he pulled him into the recovery position, covered him with a blanket, retrieved his mobile phone and went to get help once his owner had regained consciousness.

What Is a Champagne Lab?

The color champagne is known as a diluted yellow color. The variation of this lab dog comes from a puppy whose parents have the recessive ‘d’ gene and not the dominant ‘D’ gene.

The ‘d’ gene was introduced accidentally when some breeders tried to cross a lab with a Weimaraner dog breed. This means that any color of the lab can get this lesser gene and have a slightly lighter coat than its brothers and sisters. Or it is possible that the gene has always been in the lab breed.

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What Is a Yellow Lab?

Yellow lab standing in a grass yard

Yellow or golden is one of the standard colors that many of the lab breed dogs come in. It is a traditional color along with black and brown. The color is a result of the ’DD’ genes that this variation has inside of it.

The yellow lab can also have the ‘Dd’ combination, but it does not affect the dog’s color. While the yellow lab is an accepted lab color and lab variation, the Champagned colored dog is just seen as another yellow variant.

How Are They Different?

Champagne lab looking up at the camera

The only difference between these two lab variants is their color. Everything else about them is the same. We are not talking about different breeds here. No matter the color, a lab is a lab.

That means they will have slight differences which include weight, size, and some minor facial differences. One other difference that should be noted, the price of the rare Champagne lab is going to be much higher as they are harder to get. Other than that, they are the same dog.

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How Are They Similar?

portrait of a yellow lab

In any other category, other than color and price, you have the same dog on your hands. They like to exercise, swim, and play, and are very friendly dogs. They also are loyal to their masters and their families.

Also, this variant likes to hunt but you may find some English versions to be show dogs and have that same Champagne color. Basically, the only thing not the same with these two dogs is their color and price.

You are getting the same lab characteristics in both dogs and that never changes.

What’s Better About the Champagne Lab?

Champagne Lab with its head laying down on the floor

About the only aspect of this lab variant is its color. It is a very rare color and that makes it a very valuable dog. The price for that difference may hinder some potential owners from buying the dog as a pet.

Other than that, the two dogs are the same. You will not find one dog better than the other. A lot of difference will come in individual training and how their masters teach them tricks, etc. This is more of a hunting dog than a hunting dog.

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What’s Better About a Yellow Lab?

Yellow lab laying on a bed

Without that rare color, the yellow lab is not going to be better than the Champagne lab. The yellow lab will be cheaper to buy and that is always a good thing but other than that, it is the same dog.

What would make this dog better is how you train it and what tricks and duties you teach it. There is no real difference between the two that makes one better than the other. They are very loyal and smart dogs that love their families and that makes all the difference.

Who Should Get a Champagne Lab?

Champagne Lab puppy against a black background

The price is going to keep some potential owners from buying this type of lab. The people who should own it will be the ones that can afford to pay their cost as well as have time for all the outdoor activities this animal likes to do.

Another option would be a person or family that really loves labs or dogs and will treat them right despite the high cost. Labs are great dogs and should be with good families that care about them.

Who Should Get a Yellow Lab?

Yellow lab puppy against a white background

Most of what was said in the previous section applies to this lab variant. This is a good, intelligent, and playful dog that deserves to be bought by a good family that loves dogs.

They are great with outdoor families as well. Getting the dog outside helps show its real potential and makes it a great playmate for families with small to large children.

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