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Dudley Lab vs Yellow lab

A Yellow labrador standing in the shallow of a body of water

When it comes to thunder, big dogs like labs can be afraid. They will come into your room lay at your feet or sit under your desk. They can even crawl under your bed until the storm is over. They are brave dogs but sometimes they too get scared.

What Is a Dudley Lab?

A Dudley lab is really not a different species. It is a yellow lab that is missing pigmentation. This loss of color usually appears around the eyes, the nose, and their feet.

They are just like any other lab except for those body differences. They will be loyal, big, smart as well as full of energy, but that group of differences makes them unique.

There is a discussion about whether or not all labs are Dudley labs, not just the yellow variety. It is hard to say as there are no other objective differences between these dogs.

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What Is a Yellow Lab?

Portrait of an adult yellow lab sitting in grass outdoors

This is one of the standard Labradors you will or can buy. Labs come in three main colors, brown, black, and yellow. They all have the same characteristics. They hunt, love to swim, enjoy being with their masters, and are quite smart.

You will find that yellow labs are also very good with children. Their coloring is not as deep as the other variations of Labradors including the Golden Retriever. But it is a nice yellow color that tends to shed a lot.

They are also very loyal dogs that like their families.

How Are They Different?

Head shot of a Dudley Labrador standing outdoors

The biggest difference between these two dog types is that pigmentation. The Dudley will have pink color on their nose, around their eyes, and feet. It is a genetic difference that does not change the dog in any other way.

This genetic difference comes from the parents and their specific genetic code. But do not confuse this lack of pigmentation solely with genetics. Sometimes the loss of pigment will result from a medical condition. Check with your vet to see which source is causing the problem.

How Are They Similar?

Portrait of a Dudley lab sitting against a tan background

They are both from the Labrador dog species. Each puppy will come with the standard Labrador characteristics and personalities. That means they should be great swimmers, love to retrieve objects and spend a lot of time with their families.

Plus, they will love to hunt, be energetic, and require a lot of food as well as playtime. Their coats will be similar as well as their health issues. They will both suffer from the same health problems over time.

Take good care of them if you want to have them around for a long time.

What’s Better About a Dudley Lab?

Dudley labrador giving a handshake to a human

The only thing that can be considered better would be this dog’s uniqueness. It is not one of the crowds and you and your pet can stand out for being a little different than the norm.

Because we are comparing Labs to Labs, you won’t see one better than the other as they will have the same qualities. Their personalities may make them a little better than the other but that is in how you treat and train the dog.

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What’s Better About a Yellow Lab?

Yellow labrador retriever laying down with its head on its front paws.

If you do not want to stand out and be unique, then the Yellow Lab is for you. Their ability to blend in and not make a scene is probably a good quality that makes this a better dog to own than the Dudley option.

They may also not get sunburned on their nose due to the loss of pigmentation. That will make your care for your dog a lot easier. Also, if you want to have a show dog, your pale nose Dudley will get fewer points than the normal Yellow Lab.

Who Should Get a Dudley Lab?

Dudley lab puppy laying on a shiny white floor

This dog should go to a family that does not mind differences. This lack of pigmentation in this dog requires a family willing to do extra care. When that nose gets sunburned you have to be careful about how you handle this dog.

Who Should Get Yellow Lab?

Yellow lab laying in dirt outdoors

This dog can live well with any family. They are very adaptable and can adjust to any lifestyle. The same goes for all labs including the Dudley option. If you like a bigger dog, then the Yellow Lab would be a good choice. They are very loyal and great with kids.

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Are Dudley Labs More Expensive Than Yellow Labs?

Hand holding a fan of 100 dollar bills with another hand reaching for it.

Dudley Labs are also more expensive than yellow Labs because they are rarer and more expensive to buy. While Dudley Labs can be just as healthy as yellow labs, they will cost you an extra amount of money due to their rarity.

Yellow Labs are known for being the most affordable and popular dogs. Many people who have yellow labs as pets simply can’t afford a price tag that is higher than $200.

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