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Black Lab Vs. Yellow Lab

Pictures of a yellow lab and a black lab that meet on the diagonal with the letters VS in the middle

Labradors, no matter their color, are bred to not bite down hard on birds and other prey. This has led to a very soft mouth that does not hurt anyone if they do happen to close their jaws on an arm or a leg.

What Is a Black Lab?

This color of Labrador Retriever is a soft mouth animal that likes to please his or her family. The color black has become more popular over the years as more and more people have chosen this color over the other two.

These gentle dogs are also very loyal to their families making sure that they are protected in most situations. They are fun to be with as these dogs like to play and do other outdoor activities. They are a great pet to have around the house.

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What Is a Yellow Lab?

yellow lab standing in grass outdoors

This dog is a carbon copy of the Black Lab. The reason for saying that is that most litters come with all 3 colors, and they inherit their parents’ traits. Not only is this an intelligent dog, but it is also easy to train, just like the Black version.

Then the Yellow Lab is very family orientated. It loves its family and can be very patient when it comes to little children and their playful ideas. Just keep it reigned in as it loves to chase small animals.

How Are They Different?

Yellow lab and a black lab sitting outdoors in grass

The only real difference between these two dogs is that they have different colors. Since they often come from the same litter, they will have the same personalities, the same characteristics, and the same desires.

It is hard to find differences when the puppies are all the same. How you treat them will also be a difference as some dogs react to bad treatment differently. While a patient dog, they do have their limits, and those limits may be expressed in different ways.

How Are They Similar?

Black lab and yellow lab laying in tall grass and wildflowers outdoors

These two colors of the Labrador Retriever are about the same in every way. Even their lifespans are almost the same. They also share the same illnesses. This breed does have common health problems shared by all colors of the Lab breed.

Plus, they are all intelligent, easy to train and enjoy the same activities. If you like camping and hunting, they like camping and hunting. There are good reasons why this breed is the most popular dog in America. The above are just some of them.

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What’s Better About a Black Lab?

Black lab laying in grass outdoors

This is hard to say as these dogs are often from the same litter. There might be one trait that has a more powerful influence over the black lab that is not shared by the yellow option. But that may be rare as these dogs are a lot like their parents.

By sharing the same breeding, you are not going to find one dog better than the other. The difference may come in the training and treatment they receive. They are all very trainable

What’s Better About a Yellow Lab?

2 Yellow labs laying in grass outdoors

Their color. They may be easier to see in low light conditions than a Black Lab will be. The black version will blend into the darkness better than the yellow dog.

Other than that, there is nothing that makes the Yellow Lab better than its black brother or sister. Sharing the same traits makes them equals not competitors. Their friendliness and sociable nature are shared by both adding more weight to the equals assessment.

Who Should Get a Black Lab?

Black lab puppy in tall grass and weeds outdoors

Families that like beautiful dogs that are very friendly, child-safe, and fun to be around. These dogs are very loyal to the family, and they should be owned by a family that will treat them well and like a member of the family.

If they are an outdoor family, that would be a bonus as these dogs love to swim and play in the woods, etc.

Who Should Get a Yellow Lab?

Litter of yellow puppies running in a grass covered yard

The same type of family that gets a Black Lab. Also, it should be a family that has children, whether large or small kids, as these dogs are perfect for children. They have a patient temperament that allows different children to treat them in childish ways and still love the child just the same.

These dogs are easy to train so the family should be willing to teach them different things to get them to behave right.

Black Lab Vs Yellow Lab Shedding

Shedded hair from a yellow lab on a grooming mitt being held in front of a yellow lab

In general, the yellow lab is known to shed more than its sibling black lab. However, there are several factors that can affect how much your lab will shed, including the environment in which it lives, its genetics and its diet.

Although yellow dogs tend to be more likely to shed, this does not mean they all do. Some yellow dogs actually have low rates of shedding while others may experience significant amounts of hair loss.

The type of bedding your dog lives on also plays a role in how much it sheds. If it sleeps on a soft surface like an old comforter or pillowcase, it may be more apt to shed because fur will stick.

Are Yellow or Black Labs Better

Black and Yellow lab puppies isolated on a white background.

Yellow Labs have a unique look and are more easily recognizable than black labs. However, yellow labs are not necessarily better than black labs. Both are equally good dogs that can make excellent family pets. The only difference is the color of their coat.

Are Black Labs Smarter Than Yellow Labs

Black lab laying in grass outdoors

There is a big debate surrounding the intelligence of purebred dogs. It typically revolves around whether black labs are smarter than yellow Labs. While it’s true that purebred Labs tend to have a higher average IQ, this does not mean that every Lab is an Einstein. When it comes to general intelligence, black Labs are just as capable as yellow Labs. In fact, some studies suggest that black Labs may be more intelligent.

There are several reasons why people believe black Labs are smarter than Yellow Labs. Some experts believe that the hunting behavior of black Labs may have something to do with their intelligence. They are constantly on the lookout for prey and may be better at noticing subtle changes in their environment than their yellow Lab counterparts.

Do Black and Yellow Labs Have Different Temperaments

Yellow lab wearing a red collar laying outdoors in grass

Some owners of Labrador retrievers believe that dogs of different colors have different temperaments, and this is a common misconception. Yellow Labs are thought to be lazy; chocolate Labs are impulsive, and black Labs are the best hunters, according to popular belief. There is no correlation between the color of a Lab’s coat and his temperament.

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