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White Lab vs. Yellow Lab

2 adult yellow labs laying in grass

Labradors hold the crown for being the most popular dog breed in the US for over 28 years. They are well-known for their friendliness, loyalty, and calm temperament. Many people believe that the popularity of this breed increased massively after a toilet paper commercial, in 1988. You can watch the advertisement in the following video.

Although all members of this breed make wonderful pets, dog lovers always discuss the different colors of Labradors. In this article, we will discuss the similarities, differences, and other key characteristics of white and yellow Labs.

White Lab

White Labrador Retriever standing in tall wheat

The American Kennel Club recognizes white and yellow Labradors as one because white Labs are not completely white. Their fur also has shades of yellow, especially around the ears. In essence, white Labs can be regarded as the paler version of the yellow Labs.

The pale coat is either a very pale yellow or the Lab is an albino. Generally, pale yellow Labs have the same characteristics as yellow Labs. However, albino Labs can develop more health problems and are considered undesirable by some owners.

Just like yellow Labs, white Labs are very friendly and docile dogs. They are full to the brim with energy and love to play and run around. Novice owners often mistake their calm demeanor for inactivity. In contrast to that, these pups are very athletic and need regular exercise to stay healthy.

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Yellow Lab

Closeup of Yellow Labrador standing in Lavendar

Although selective breeding has led to a wide range of colors in Labradors, only three of them are recognized by AKC. This list includes black, chocolate, and yellow. Yellow Labs are a common sight in many dog shows around the world. These outgoing dogs also make wonderful companions and are an excellent addition to any family, provided you can fulfill their exercise needs.

The ‘yellow’ label is also given to Labs with gold or buttermilk yellow coats. These paler versions of yellow Labs were the most sought-after coat colors during the rise of popularity of this breed.

Differences Between White Lab and Yellow Lab

A Black, Yellow, and Chocolate lab standing side by side

The only real difference between a white Lab and a yellow Lab is the way they are bred. Yellow Labs are a result of selective breeding over many years while white Labs are specifically bred for a lighter color. We can also get a white Lab by breeding with an albino member of this breed.

Many owners believe that different colored Labs have different personalities. For instance, black Labs are better hunters, yellow Labs are lazy, and chocolate-colored Labs are extremely active. However, there is no scientific evidence to back these claims. Therefore, we are more inclined to believe that the personality of each dog is not linked to his/her coat color.

According to Snowy Pines White Labs, white and yellow Labs are not very different when it comes to their personality. Although some of their characteristics can vary from one dog to another, they usually have similar temperaments.

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Similarities Between White Lab and Yellow Lab

Two yellow labs laying on the beach

Everything other than the coat color of white and yellow Labs is the same! Unless the Lab is an albino, a white Lab will always have touches of yellow over its body. The nose, eyes, and paws of both variants are black, and they carry the same friendly attitude.

Both these Labradors require a lot of physical exercise and mental stimulation to stay fit and peaceful. Therefore, make sure to provide your Lab with regular walks and a place to run, regardless of its coat color.

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White Lab vs. Yellow Lab: Which Labrador is better for you?

2 Yellow lab puppies sitting together outdoors

It completely depends on the preference of the owner. This is because white and yellow Labs are the same breed with different coat colors. If you like golden or yellow color, you can go for a yellow Lab. Alternatively, you can adopt a white Lab if you prefer a snow-white dog.

Just make sure that the white Lab you’re getting is NOT an albino and his/her parents were not albino. The Labrador Site explains that albino Labs carry a lot more health issues due to genetic mutation. In addition to that, albino dogs are very photosensitive and are more susceptible to sunburns, skin cancer, and skin damage. In certain dogs, albinism may also lead to deafness.

So how can we differentiate between albino and white Labs? Albino Labs are near identical to white Labs but have a slight pink tinge all over them. You should look for ‘bleached’ color in the eyes and the skin because it is a surefire sign of canine albinism. Keep in mind that these dogs are not pink in color. It’s just that they have more visible blood flowing underneath the skin.

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