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Which Color Labrador Retriever is Best?

4 labrador retievers laying across bales of hay facing a camera

Labrador Retrievers are the most popular dog breed in the United States. But, not all Labs are created equal. Labradors typically come in three colors: yellow, black, and chocolate. Although all Labs are wonderful dogs, each color has its own characteristics that make it special to certain types of people or lifestyles. Read on to find out which color Labrador Retriever is best for you.

Main Colors of Labrador Retriever

You may come across a silver Labrador, but this breed generally has the following three coat colors.

  • Black
  • Chocolate
  • Yellow

Let’s discuss the most common characteristics of these usual shades of Labs.

Black Labrador Retriever

Black Labrador Retriever in  a grass field

Black is the most popular of all Lab colors. This coat color is often associated with dogs that are gundogs. These pups are bred over generations to be hunting dogs. They have a strong desire to please their owners and work closely with them in the field. Labradors were first bred as hunting dogs so it’s no surprise that the hunting gene stayed with this breed.

Chocolate Labrador Retriever

Chocolate Labrador Retriever sitting in a grass field with trees in the background

This is the most popular color of Labs in the United States. Chocolate Labradors are often associated with dog shows. This is because this coat color is considered the most desirable one by many dog enthusiasts.

Yellow Labrador Retriever

Portrait of a Yellow Labrador Retriever outdoors

Yellow Labs are often thought of as the “working dog”. This is because they are often used as guide dogs for the blind. Similarly, they also serve as assistance dogs for people with other disabilities. Thanks to these duties, these Labradors are easy to train, well-behaved, and full of love.

Which Color Labrador Retriever is Best?

a chocolate, yellow, and black labrador retriever sitting on a hill covered in autumn leaves.

Each coat color of Labradors has its own unique traits that make it stand out in different situations. Therefore, there isn’t really the best color for all situations as each Lab will show off certain features depending on its duties. For example, dogs used for hunting will be more active than others while service dogs will be more caring.

Similarly, several other factors must be taken into consideration when choosing a Labrador for your family. For instance, health, intelligence, and energy levels are some of the most important ones. Read on to learn which color Labrador Retriever is best for different situations.

Which Color Labrador Retriever is the Healthiest?

2 black and 3 yellow labradors sitting among a wooded path

For a long time, it was believed that the color of your Labrador’s coat did not affect its health. However, some recent developments show that the color of a canine’s coat can have an impact.

The American Animal Hospital Association conducted a study in October 2018 in which 33,000 Labrador Retrievers were included. Researchers compared the veterinary patient records of all these dogs to conclude that chocolate-colored Labs are more prone to health-related problems. It was also found that the average lifespan of these pooches is shorter than black or yellow-colored labs.

Which Color Labrador Retriever is the Smartest?

4 labrador retrievers sitting in a field of tall grasss

Some people believe that black and yellow Labradors are more intelligent than chocolate ones as they’re often used for working purposes. However, this may have something to do with the individual personality of each dog rather than just their coloration.

Chocolate Labs can be less intelligent than other colors, but this is not because of their coat color. It’s more dependent on other factors, the way they are bred. For example, most backyard breeders focus on getting a certain shade at the expense of everything else.

Which Color Labrador Retriever is Best for Hunting?

Yellow labrador retriever with a duck in its mouth sitting among the cat tails

Black labs are considered ideal for this role because of their historical background. They have been bred for centuries as an excellent hunting companion that can track prey and retrieve game. This coat color makes it easier for them to blend in with their surroundings. This is quite useful when they’re going after the game.

The first Labradors that were bred were black. It’s believed that other colors weren’t yet accepted by society and this leads to a theory. Some people say that Labs of other coat colors were killed off at birth in the early years. However, there isn’t much evidence to back these claims.

Labradors were originally bred as hunting dogs so it makes sense that the first (black) labs are good gundogs.

Which Color Labrador Retriever is the Most Hyper?

Close up portrait of a chocolate labrador

Chocolate, black and yellow labs are all very energetic dogs. While each color has its own unique qualities, none of them can be regarded as more lively than another. However, chocolate labs are usually considered the most chaotic ones because they are often not bred properly. So, if you’re looking for an energetic friend, any Labrador Retriever will work.

Which Color Labrador Retriever has the Best Personality?

A chocolate, yellow, and black labrador retriever laying in a grassy field.

There are many beliefs about the personality of Labradors, but there’s no scientific evidence to back them up. Some owners say that yellow Labs have a gentle nature and black dogs are calmer than others. Others suggest that chocolate-colored labs behave wilder than their peers. However, there is no concrete evidence to back these claims and all of them are considered myths for now.

Which Colored Labrador is Best Suited for a Home?

Chocolate lab laying on a dog bed at the foot of a couch

A Labrador Retriever of any color would make a perfect family dog. However, black Labs are preferred by many owners because they offer several different traits. They have a calm nature and are quite friendly with children. In addition to that, they can be ideal for very active families that enjoy a lot of outdoor activities.

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