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Hunting Dog Whistle Commands

Man in foreground wearing sweats and a beanie cap with a dog whistle in his mouth calling a dog in the background running through a field

According to Paws Plus One, hunting dog whistle commands are extremely helpful in your journey outside of your place. Using a whistle with a hand signal can efficiently bring desirable results. If you are planning something adventurous with your dog, this guide can be very useful for you. Keep reading to learn how to train your gundog.

Why Should I Use a Whistle to Train My Hunting Dog?

Whistles can be used for any number of commands. They have an intense sound that can travel a long distance. The distinct sound of whistles different from most normal clamors. This makes it a great tool to get your hunting dog’s attention in a noisy situation. The following are some of the biggest benefits of teaching hunting dog whistle commands.

Whistles Don’t Disturb Your Neighbors

silver dog whistle isolated on a white background

Dog whistles are designed on a specific frequency. According to Virtuous Dogs, a dog whistle generates ultrasonic sound fluctuating from 23 to 53 kHz, which is not audible for humans. In this way, you can train your dog without disturbing other people around you. This can also be helpful in dangerous situations, like attacking and robbery, because the offender won’t notice the whistle.

Whistles have a Longer Range

On vast lands, your voice is incapable of delivering a command to your gundogs. Therefore, you need a whistle to train your hunting dog. Otherwise, your pooch can get in trouble by running into dangerous territories while on a hunting trip.

Clear Decisive Command

Man bent over at the waste towards a black lab as if giving the dog instruction  in a field of tall dead grass

One thing that whistles can do is to create a clear command. If your dog understands what does a long blast mean, he/she will easily perform the expected task. Your rewarding behavior can be instrumental in training whistle commands to your hunting dog.

Consistent Command

Our voice can sometimes shamble due to our health or other factors, and it can confuse the dog. Using a whistle eliminates all such issues because of its consistent sound. Therefore, a long blast or short pips will have definite meaning for your dog.

Peaceful Hunting Experience

You can’t command your hunting dog loudly in all situations. Hence, you have to work smart, not hard while hunting with your canine companion. Whistles can help you save your voice and also allow you to enjoy a peaceful hunting experience.

Different Ways of Using a Whistle to Train a Hunting Dog

Person in a blue plaid shirt holding a dog whistle with a black dog blurred in the background

Before learning different ways of using a whistle, you must know some prerequisites which you need to know. For example, the selection of the right whistle is very important.

Then, you have to select the method of blowing the whistle.Whatever method you select, make sure to keep it consistent. After all, you don’t want to confuse your pup with multiple methodologies. The most popular ways of blowing the whistle are mentioned below.

Blow the Whistle Consistently

According to Sharon Potter of Red Branch Kennel, one should know how to blow the whistle correctly. Potter said, “You can’t expect your dog to respond consistently if your whistle sounds are inconsistent.” This means that the varying quality of your voice can disturb your dog. Therefore, it’s critical for the training to blow the whistle properly.

One Long Blast

Close up of a woman blowing a silver dog whistle with a white dog in the background

It is one long blast for a particular command. The most advantageous thing about this type of whistle is that you can assign it to any command. For example, you can use it to command your dog to sit. Just make sure that you don’t change the assigned task because it will confuse your canine friend.

Small Beeps

You can use small beeps to call your dog. If you want to call your dog towards you, blow the whistle several times for a short period like beep – beep – beep -beep.

Three Toots

These three toots can be used to stop your dog wherever it is standing or residing. When you blow the whistle 3 times, your dog must know that it is meant to stop.

Hunting Dog Whistle Commands

Engraved silver dog whistle laying on a wooden table

Enjoy the Hunt of your dog by using below mentioned commands. These commands will help you to train your gun dog effectively.

The Distant Sit

This is the basic and prerequisite of all other commands. It helps you to make your dog sit, which is an essential position for teaching other commands.

Start the training by blowing the whistle for a long time and with full energy. Additionally, you have to use the verbal command ‘sit’ to teach this command. You may also make a hand signal by stretching your hand and raising it. Reward your dog for obeying your command and practice regularly.

Call Your Dog

Hunter dressed in camouflage holding a riffle with a dog whistle in his mouth, kneeling next to his dog in the woods

Otter Tail Kennels suggest that you will need to blow your whistle 3 to 4 times in small beeps for this command. Make your pup sit and move away from him/her. Call your pup by using the verbal command ‘come’ and multiple toots. If he/she comes to you, reward the good behavior with a treat and a lot of appreciation.


For redirecting your pup’s direction, you can blow the whistle 2 times. You have to stretch your arm in a new direction to tell the dog where he/she needs to go. After this, you can call him/her back and reward your pooch with a treat. For this purpose, your canine must be trained to come back on command.

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