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9 Gaelic Dog Commands

Blue map with a red pin sticking in Scotland

Is it not amazing that you order your dog some particular actions and he/she performs them as per your wish? That’s exactly what you can achieve with dog commands. If you are residing in Scotland and want to use the Gaelic language for training your pup, this guide is just the thing you need. Read on to learn some training techniquesthat can be used to teach Gaelic Dog Commandsto your pooch.

Gaelic Dog Commands

The following are some important Gaelic dog commands that your canine must know to behave appropriately.


Brown and dog sitting on top of large boulder.

If you want your pooch to sit then you can say ‘Suidh’. This command is the beacon of light for other commands.

You have to take some food in your hand. Place your hand in front of your dog and move your hand in a downward direction. It will sniff the food and eventually it will be sitting down. While you are doing this practice say loudly ‘Suidh’. Repeat this term 3 to 4 times. If it obeys you reward it with a treat.


Long haired black and brown dog sitting on leaf covered ground in front of trees

If you want your dog not to come to you then you can say ‘Fuirich’ to your dog. Stay is an important command and your dog must learn the meaning of it.

For this objective, you should make your pup sit calmly. Then take some baby steps to move back. If your dog comes to you then show it palm and say ‘Fuirich’ (stay). Make it realize that you don’t like it if it moves. Reward it for showing patience.  


Long haired brown dog running up dirt and grass covered drive.

If you are going outside and you want your dog to come with you then you can say ‘Trobhad’ to your dog. This command can be used several times in a day.

This one can be taught with the help of a leash. Put your canine on a leash then slightly pull the leash towards you and show it a treat in your hand. Once it is distracted from the previous position you can say ‘trobhad’. On understanding and behaving nicely give it some free time as a reward.

Gu sail

Dog walking beside hiker on the beach

This command is helpful when you are walking outside your home with your pup. If you want your dog to walk beside you, teach him/her the command of heel by saying ‘gu sail.’

Normally, this Gaelic dog command is learned by the luring method. According to Master Class, you will be putting your dog on a leash for this purpose. Choose a scrumptious treat and show it to your pooch. Pull the leash slightly and say the word ‘gu sail’. Start walking briskly and your dog will follow you. When that happens, give him/her the treat that’s in your hand.


Dog sitting on a boulder next to a hiker wearing a blue backpack on a hillside.

Let’s imagine that your dog is sitting on the ground and you want the dog to get up, then you can say ‘Suas’ to your dog.

You can easily teach this to your dog with the help of food with a strong odor. Your dog will be attracted and try to catch that food. All you need to do is just place that food above its head and say ‘Suas’. It will come up. Now give it that food.


Scruffy dog asleep in a chair

If your dog is very close to you and you don’t like it, you can say ‘Thalla’ to your dog. Moreover, if your dog misbehaves with guests or they don’t like the dog’s presence then you can use the term ‘Thalla’.

Hold the treat in your hand. Place the treat on the floor and say ‘Thalla’ (away). Your dog should be on a leash if it is in the initial stages of training. Otherwise, you can get harm by your pooch.   


Border collie drinking from a spigot outdoors

If you want your pup to drink water then you can say ‘Uisgea’ to your pup. Therefore, you can give this command when you are planning to give it water.

Make it sit first. Place water or milk in front of your pooch in its pot. Tap its back with affection and point out the water or milk and say ‘Uisgea’(drink). 


Jack Russell Terrier with a yellow tennis ball in its mouth running outdoors

If your dog is holding something they shouldn’t and you want them to drop it, then you can say ‘Sios’ to your dog.

According to Gallant, you will need two identical toys for teaching this command. One should be in your hand and one should be in your pup’s mouth. Now drop your toy and say ‘Sios’. Repeat this action in front of your dog until it gets the whole idea of the command. Reward your dog by giving it some playtime.


Beagle catching yellow ball outdoors in grass covered yard

Playing with your dog is an amazing activity. Fetch is a game and your dog as well as you enjoy it. If you want to use Gaelic dog command for this purpose, ‘Faigh’ is the right term.

This can be taught in your garden or the family room of your home. Get the attention of your dog and hide its toy at any accessible place. Then sit in a distant place. Now command your dog to bring that object. You can point to that thing plus you have to say ‘Faigh’ loudly. If it understands you, reward it with the treat. Otherwise, try again until your canine companion learns the command.

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