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12 Dog Breeds that Get Along with Labs

Chocolate, yellow and black labrador retrievers sitting side by side in grass

Labrador Retrievers are loyal, energetic and loving dogs. But if you are thinking of getting another dog you want to make sure to get a compatible breed as your lab’s new companion. Here are 12 dog breeds that get along with labs.


Airedale  standing in grass

If you are looking to balance the enthusiasm of your Labrador, nothing could beat the poise of an Airedale. These dogs like to hang back a little and welcome an intruder with a slight warning. On the other hand, Labs will treat your guests warmly due to their friendly nature.

The probability of a jealousies relationship is almost non-existent with these breeds because they have opposite attention requirements. Considering the fact that Airedales are extremely cheerful with their people, it is important to train them properly. Having said that, it won’t be much of an issue due to their intelligence.  

American Cocker Spaniel

American Cocker Spaniel laying in grass

The smallest sporting breed is not only beautiful but it also has an adorable nature. The hanging fur on their bodies (called feathering) is the characteristic feature of this dog breed.

American Cocker Spaniels are an ideal partner for your Labs because both of them have a balanced nature and love to play. Likewise, these dogs are considerably easy to train and are completely comfortable with children. If you are looking to add another dog (besides your Lab) in your happy family, spaniels are a suitable choice.


Beagle standing in pile of fall leaves

The combination of Beagle and Lab is perfect for families who have small children. Both these breeds adapt naturally to a family environment and are reasonably easy to train. Generally, the mutual relationship between these hunting dogs is also quite good. They enjoy each other’s company when you take them for outdoor activities.  

Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier standing on the shore

This lively dog is an ideal companion for your residing Labrador Retriever. The playful attitude of Boston Terriers suits the enthusiastic personality of a Lab. Once a Boston Terrier is comfortable in an environment, he/she is a treat for anyone and everyone at home.

However, families with small children need to be a little careful with this breed. These dogs don’t like anyone breaching their personal space. Therefore, it is important that your children know how to handle pets before you adopt a Boston Terrier.


Bouvier standing on grassy hill

In contrast to their size, Bouviers are extremely calm and peaceful. Their gentle demeanor makes them one of the best possible choices for a family pet.

These loving dogs are extremely easy to train especially if you introduce them to another pet at an early age. For this reason, it is highly recommended to adopt a Bouvier in its puppyhood if you already own a Lab. Introducing a new companion to an adult Bouvier can make him/her a little aggressive. In such cases, proper socialization and consistent training can play an instrumental role.


Boxer dog laying on wooden dock.

These muscular dogs were originally bred as guard dogs (quite obviously). Despite that, they have a really stable temperament which enables them to get along with other breeds, like Labs. The spirited personality of this breed complements the energy of your Labrador Retriever.

All you need to do is to give these dogs proper training and balanced attention to create a strong relationship. Boxers are also known to adapt well with the children if they are not harassed. 

English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniel standing on grassy hill in front of trees

A whole lot of similarities between English Springer Spaniels and Labs make them highly compatible with each other. First and foremost, they have pretty identical temperaments that allow them to form a great team.

Secondly, both these dog breeds require continuous human interaction to stay happy. They belong to the class of energetic dogs and require regular exercise to burn off the excess energy. There is nothing better than a partner who could accompany you for your daily training. Isn’t it?

German Shepherd

German Shepherd standing on a beach

Owing to their similar physicality and intelligence, German Shepherds get along quite well with Labradors. They enjoy each other’s company so much that you can comfortably leave them unsupervised. Both these dogs are incredibly loyal to their human families and demand regular attention in return.

It is important to train these dog breeds properly because they can indulge in negative behavior. Therefore, keep their high energies focused on positive stuff to avoid any inconvenience.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever walking across yard

Just like Labs, Golden Retrievers were also originally bred for hunting purposes. This provides a lot of common ground to these dog breeds to get along. For instance, both these dogs adore companionship and have a playful and learning nature.

Similarly, they are temperamentally strong breeds that enable them to tolerate each other. All you need to do is to offer some proper socialization and you will have an ideal family.


Greyhound standing outside

Greyhound is another large dog that CAN get along with your Labrador. These sighthounds were originally developed for racing but have been a popular domestic breed once they retire. Owing to their tiring careers, Greyhounds are generally not very active and prefer a passive life. This makes them a perfect breed to complement the energetic Labs.

When it comes to their attitude with children, it is heavily dependent on their genetics. If both the parents of a Greyhound were good with kids, the dog will do fine. Otherwise, there could be some problems.  

Kerry Blue Terrier

Kerry Blue Terrier standing on a lake shore

Although Kerry Blue Terriers are quite compatible with Labradors, you need to introduce them during puppyhood. This is because these terriers can get along with other breeds only if they grow with them. For this reason, you should only consider adopting a young Kerry Blue Terrier if you already own a dog.

The passive nature of Labs is one of the major reasons why Blues are compatible with them. In case we have to train a Kerry Blue Terrier with an aggressive breed, things can go a little astray. 


Pug running through grass and wildflowers

Pugs are possibly the happiest of all dog breeds in the list. They are as friendly as Labrador which provides a solid platform for a harmonious relationship. The similarities of these dog breeds don’t end here as both of them are excellent family pets. They are exceptionally fond of their people and that’s the reason why these breeds are also categorized as Velcro dogs.

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