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11 Dog Breeds that Get Along with Rabbits

dog sitting in grassy field with rabbit

If your family has pet rabbits, you don’t want to add a dog to the family that may harm them. Here are 11 dog breeds that get along with rabbits.

Australian Shepherd

Close up of Australian Shepherd in tall grass and wild flowers

The name of this breed suggests that it originated in Australia but that’s NOT true. Australian Shepherds were initially developed in the western parts of the United States for herding purposes. These courageous dogs are smart and easy to train. Similarly, their affectionate and protective nature makes them a good watchdog.

Being an energetic dog, an Australian Shepherd will require a lot of exercise to stay calm. If you can provide your canine proper socialization and training, this dog breed is ideal for families with children and other pets, like dogs and rabbits.   

Basset Hound

Basset Hound laying on dry dead  grass

Despite being a member of the Hound Group, the Basset offers a sweet and easy-going nature. They are so relaxed and comfortable around other pets (like cats and rabbits) that they generally behave well. The low-key attitude of Basset Hounds allows them to stay happy in all kinds of families.

Owing to their affectionate behavior, this breed is exceedingly friendly towards children. Similarly, they have a low prey-drive which makes them suitable for a multi-pet household.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog laying in green grass surrounded by fall leaves

Hailing from Switzerland, these versatile dogs were used to pull carts, herd cattle, and served as watchdogs. In contrast to their large and sturdy bodies, these mountain dogs have a calm and friendly demeanor.

The intelligent and trainable nature of this breed makes it popular among inexperienced dog owners. These playful dogs are generally good with children, dogs, and other pets. Some of these animals include cats, rabbits, and birds. However, a self-confident Bernese Mountain Dog will require proper socialization in its puppyhood.  

According to history, Bernese Mountain Dogs came to the Swiss Alps some 2000 years ago with the Romans.

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise sitting in woods on moss covered mound

You get the perfect combination of an enthusiastic personality and irresistible beauty with a Bichon Frise. This toy dog is a super cute pet with a fluffy white coat and a lot of mischiefs. This breed is a huge fan of human company and wants its people to be happy. These lively dogs are quite comfortable with kids.

Their sociable nature is not only limited to humans as they combine well with other dogs. Likewise, they are excellent with other pets like rabbits, cats, etc.


Boxer dog laying in orange autumn leaves

Boxers are a complete package that offer intelligence, affection, courage, and loyalty. Although they were originally bred as guard dogs, they have become really popular as family companions. However, they do require plenty of daily exercise that might not suit some families.

A boxer may have a muscular body and a wrinkled face but they don’t eliminate the underlying sweetness of this breed. For this reason, they are good with children and get along with other pets. Having said that, consistent training is a must for boxers.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel laying in field of grass and clover

Despite the sporty nature of their ancestors, Charles Spaniel has done wonderfully well as a domestic breed. These affectionate little dogs enjoy companionship and are always willing to please their parents. The supportive and gentle attitude of this breed makes the training a whole lot easier. Consequently, these well-behaved dogs are quite comfortable with other dogs and non-canine pets, like rabbits.

Cavaliers have a natural instinct for sports and can excel in a number of games like agility and flyball. After all, it’s good to stay connected with your history.   

Coton de Tulear

close up of Coton de Tulear laying in grass

As the name suggests, this small dog breed originates from the city of Tulear in Madagascar. The word “Coton” (which means Cotton) is the very first thing that comes to your mind when you see their cottony coat. Although they are intelligent, Cotons do require proper leadership to avoid behavioral problems.

Just like the texture of his/her coat, a Coton is very gentle and friendly. This sociable canine enjoys the company of the family members even if they are children. Similarly, they get along well with other dogs and animals.

Golden Retriever

side portrait of a Golden Retriever with sandy cliffs in background

This Scottish gundog used to retrieve shot waterfowl for hunters. In addition to retrieving duties, Golden Retrievers are involved in all kinds of jobs ranging from search-and-rescue to dog sports. Due to the fact that they are easy to train, these dogs have also been successful at obedience events.

The lovable nature of a Golden Retriever allows him/her to adjust in all kinds of homes. They have the patience and manners to treat your children gently. Likewise, the low prey-drive of this breed makes them a lovable member of a multi-pet family.  

Japanese Chin

Japanese Chin in nature

According to an estimate, this Asian breed is more than 1,000 years old. The sole purpose of developing the Japanese Chin was to use it as a companion. Historically, these elegant dogs were among the regular attendees of the imperial courts in China and Japan.

Japanese Chins are extremely affectionate dogs that devote themselves to their families. However, this lively canine likes to stay a little reserved around strangers. A properly socialized Japanese Chin will behave nicely with other dogs and pets. In fact, they are so graceful and quiet that they are often labeled as a ‘feline’ breed.

Labrador Retriever

Black Labrador Retriever Laying in yellow and red leaf covered grass

Loyalty, patience, and intelligence are what make Labs immensely popular in the US, UK, and Canada. Bred as a useful working dog, most of this breed’s initial assignments were to assist fishermen. The hardworking nature and reliable temperament of their ancestors are still prevalent in modern Labradors.

In addition to its service capabilities, a Lab makes a high-spirited partner. They are really friendly with children. Likewise, they get along well with other dogs and non-canine pets. However, they will require proper socialization and consistent training to become an ideal companion.


Maltese laying in tall grass and weeds

This ancient dog originates from Malta. This breed is quite famous for its floor-length white coat and spirited character. Although Maltese dogs are generally very gentle, they can surprise you with their fearless approach. That’s the reason why these canines do so well in different dog sports (agility, rally, etc.).

This graceful companion dog can adapt well to other pets in the house. Even if you own non-canine animals like birds or rabbits, a Maltese can be trained to share the space with them.

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